Highly Accurate and Rich Content Sequencing (HARCS) Platform

Sequencing technology is an emerging and promising tool for identifying and determining the cause of cancer. Creative Biolabs integrates the world's most advanced and state-of-the-art technology to develop a highly accurate and rich content sequencing platform that provides the most comprehensive and reliable technical support for your cancer research.

Highly Accurate and Rich Content Sequencing (HARCS) Platform

HARCS is a competitive platform for Creative Biolabs to provide customers with accurate and comprehensive sequencing services. We have a precise design and optimization of the process from sample preparation, sequencing to data delivery to ensure accurate and reliable sequencing results, covering the entire region of the genome, and tailoring a reasonable and efficient sequencing solution to your specific needs. In addition, our scientists have built a series of databases to provide the most professional annotation and guidance for your sequencing results, facilitating your subsequent analysis and research.

Features of HARCS platform

High resolution and accuracy Excellent sequencing for biomedical interpretable variants including gene families, high GC content regions, pseudogenes, repeats, known structural variations, homopolymers, etc.
Comprehensive coverage Covers important biomedical variant regions and even extends to sequence regulation, drug metabolism and disease linked regions outside the exon as well as intron regions associated with splicing.
Sound process optimization Creative Biolabs has developed a scientific and rigorous sequencing protocol and is equipped with highly trained experimenters.
Advanced alignment and variant discovery Effectively integrate advanced alignment tools with scientific identifying algorithms for different variants and standard reference genomes as well as consideration of inherent system bias in sequencing technology.
Scalable characteristic The MapReduce-based software architecture enables the HARCS platform to work efficiently and scalable in highly parallel computing environments, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
Comprehensive annotation and analysis database Comprehensive, in-depth, high-quality databases covering disease variants, pharmacogenomics, and regulatory regions, combined with a large number of public databases, enables more accurate analysis and interpretation of sequencing results.
Corresponding data analysis service Customizable analytical services for different research purposes, including pharmacogenomics research, drug response studies, proband-only studies, cancer, and syndrome studies, adverse reaction studies, multiple trio studies, and rare genetic syndrome studies.

Highly Accurate and Rich Content Cancer Exome Assays

Exome sequencing uses sequencing technology to sequence all genes encoding proteins in the genome, i.e., exons, to determine genetic variants that alter protein sequences at a lower cost than whole-genome sequencing, and these variants may be the causes of certain diseases. As a complement to other tests, exon sequencing is not only used to detect mutations in genes that cause disease, but also to identify novel genes that cause similar diseases.

Highly Accurate and Rich Content Cancer Transcriptome Assays

Advances in sequencing technology and the implementation of global sequencing programs have led to the identification of a large number of cancer-associated mutant genes, but only a few have been verified as effective biomarkers for cancer therapies. The complex nature of the mutated genes in different types of cancer also limits the use of predictive biomarkers. In this context, the development of cancer transcriptomes provides new opportunities for the discovery of biomarkers and targets at the transcriptional level and is expected to overcome the dilemma of cancer mutation analysis.

Transcriptomics method use over time - Creative Biolabs

Fig.1 Transcriptomics method use over time.

Creative Biolabs provides you with the most advanced and comprehensive sequencing platform to meet your requirements for gene sequencing.

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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