FZD2 Membrane Protein Introduction

Introduction of FZD2

FZD2 is encoded by the FZD2 gene. It belongs to the G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) family which has been largely studied in the past few decades. It presents numerous possibilities for various therapeutic applications. It is one of the ten subtypes of frizzled family (FZD1, FZD2, FZD3, FZD4, FZD5, FZD6, FZD7, FZD8, FZD9, FZD10). FZD2 is a seven-transmembrane domain protein with the length of 565 amino acids.

Basic Information of FZD2
Protein Name Frizzled-2
Gene Name FZD2
Aliases Fz2, fz-2, fzE2, hFz2
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)
UniProt ID Q14332
Transmembrane Times 7
Length (aa) 565

Function of FZD2 Membrane Protein

Frizzled is a family of G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) proteins which has been served as receptors in various signaling pathways, such as Wnt signaling pathway. FZD2 belongs to the Frizzled family and plays key roles in cell proliferation, governing cell polarity, the formation of neural synapses, embryonic development, and some other processes in developing and adult organisms. Among all FZD subtypes, secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1) is able to interact with FZD2 so that guide growth cone movement. In addition, the disease associated with FZD2 include Omodysplasia and Omodysplasia 2. In recent years, several studies have shown that FZD2 enables the tumor biology regulation in a complex manner and gene FZD2 might inhibit cell growth and migration in various tumor types.

Structure of FZD2 membrane protein Fig.1 Structure of FZD2 membrane protein.

Application of FZD2 Membrane Protein in Literature

  1. WhiteJ.J., et al. WNT Signaling Perturbations Underlie the Genetic Heterogeneity of Robinow Syndrome. American Journal of Human Genetics. 2018,102(1): 27-43. PubMed ID: 29276006

    This article reports that both NXN and FZD2 are relevant protein partners in the WNT5A interactome and play important roles in skeletal development. The genetic heterogeneity of robinow syndrome is based on WNT signaling perturbations.

  2. Nagasaki K., et al. Nonsense mutations in FZD2 cause autosomal-dominant omodysplasia: Robinow syndrome-like phenotypes. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A. 2018, 176(3): 739-742. PubMed ID: 29383834

    This article reveals that the heterozygous nonsense FZD2 mutation impairing Wnt signaling and induces the OMOD2 or Robinow syndrome-like phenotype. The FZD2 mutation has been identified in a family with AD omodysplasia.

  3. DongT.N., et al. Relationship between Wound Age and the Expression of Fzd2 in Rats Skeletal Muscle after Contusion. Journal of Forensic Medicine. 2017, 33(4): 344-347. PubMed ID: 29219261

    This article reports that the changes of FZD2 mRNA expression in a certain time after contusion might be a basis to estimate wound age by combined multi-indicators.

  4. DingL.C., et al. Fzd2 inhibits the cell growth and migration of salivary adenoid cystic carcinomas. Oncology Reports. 2016, 35(2): 1006-1012. PubMed ID: 25695658

    This article reveals that the FZD2 regulates tumor biology in a complex manner. This research suggests that FZD2 might be a tumor suppressor gene inhibits cell growth and migration in SACCs.

FZD2 Preparation Options

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