Peptide Microarray-Powerful Epitope Mapping Tool for Vaccine Research

High-throughput is a basic requirement for vaccine researchers to find effective targets. Traditional experimental methods to map antigenic epitopes are extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming. Advances in peptide synthesis technology and the development of microarray technology have brought hope to solve this dilemma. Creative Biolabs combines years of vaccine development experience and advanced technology to deliver high-resolution peptide microarray services that enable vaccine developers to perform efficient epitope mapping and better guide vaccine research.

Epitope Mapping

Compared to full-length proteins, the use of peptides in microarrays enables cost-effective chemical synthesis, avoids the need for protein expression in various biological expression systems, and avoids subsequent cumbersome purification steps. Peptide microarrays also have a longer shelf life than protein microarrays. And the most important point is that peptides have a more specific and single epitope than proteins. Epitope mapping is a process of identifying specific binding sites by experimental methods. Antibody binding sites identified by epitope mapping are of great significance for discovering new drugs, new diagnostic methods, and designing vaccines. In general, experimental epitope mapping results are integrated into the algorithm to assist in the bioinformatics prediction of cell epitopes, since simple sequence or structure-based predictions are incomplete for epitope prediction. Epitopes include linear epitopes and conformational epitopes, the former consisting of a contiguous sequence of amino acids, while the amino acids of the latter are discontinuous in sequence but are clustered together in the spatial structure of the protein. From the epitope mapping study of B cells, it was found that the interaction between the antigen and the autoantibody or the protective antibody in the vaccine mostly occurred when the antibody binding to the conformational epitope. Due to the important role of epitope mapping in new drug discovery, diagnostic discovery and vaccine design, a variety of corresponding methods have emerged, including cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM), X-ray co-crystallography, and peptide microarray methods.

Creative Biolabs integrates the strengths of existing microarray technology and peptide synthesis methods, combines with years of experience in vaccine development, to launch a high-resolution peptide microarray service that can help a wide range of vaccine researchers to successfully perform epitope discovery and identification, accelerating and optimizing the development of the vaccine.

Epitope Mapping with Peptide Microarray

Peptide microarray technology achieves the high-resolution mapping for epitopes by maximizing the sequence information of the antigen and dividing it into the largest number of overlapping peptides (for example, a peptide of 15 amino acids in length is divided into consecutive peptides containing 14 amino acid overlaps). Peptide microarrays containing all overlapping peptides are incubated with serum or antibody samples, and by detecting appropriate secondary antibodies, spot patterns corresponding to epitopes of a given sample can be found. The peptide microarray technology developed by Creative Biolabs not only allows you to map a single antigen epitope (Custom Peptide Microarray) but also to meet your needs for simultaneous epitope mapping of hundreds of proteins.

Schematic for epitope mapping using peptide microarray. – Creative Biolabs

Fig.1 Schematic for epitope mapping using peptide microarray.

Features of Our Peptide Microarray Services

  • High resolution and high throughput
  • Excellent mapping performance for both linear and conformational epitopes
  • Short cycle and high efficiency
  • Adjustable scale and cost-effective
  • Complete and powerful data analysis services

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer in the field of vaccine research. For more than a decade, we have always believed that professional teams and advanced technology are the only way to successfully develop effective vaccines. We are also launching a range of quality products and services based on these two key foundations to assist vaccine developers around the world in their scientific research tasks.

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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