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The application of peptides is increasingly gaining ground in biological research, and peptide synthesis technology has therefore become a vital instrument for scientists in the biological competition. In addition to its role in disease diagnosis and drug treatment, peptides also shine in the vaccine field. As a leader in vaccine research, Creative Biolabs will not miss any technology and tools that can be used in vaccine development. We have therefore conducted extensive and in-depth research on peptide synthesis technology, which not only allows us to master advanced technologies on peptides synthesis, modification and purification, but also guarantee us to be creatively and flexibly applied them to vaccine research.

Applications of Peptides

Peptides are highly selective and effective with good tolerance. For that numerous functional peptides participate in the physiological processes of the human body as neurotransmitters, ion channel ligands, hormones, growth factors, and anti-infectives, scientists' interest in peptides is getting overflowed, which makes them more and more widely used in drug research and vaccine development. Importantly, in addition to being used as a direct vaccine or drug for prophylaxis and treatment, synthetic peptides can also be used in microarray technology as a powerful tool for studying antigen-antibody interactions or for epitope mapping to guide vaccine design. Whether it is basic research or clinical application, peptides have shown rapid development momentum. Based on this background, the peptide market is booming. More than 60 peptide-based drugs are currently approved by the FDA and released into market, as well as over 140 peptides are undergoing clinical evaluations, with at least 500 peptide medicines being in development.

Peptide – Creative Biolabs

Peptide-based vaccines are an important and significant branch of the peptide's many applications. The discovery of neoepitope based on mutations and the prediction and identification of cancer-specific neoepitope make peptide-based therapies the mainstay of cancer vaccines.

Strengths of Peptide-based Vaccines

  • Uncomplex production
  • Relatively stable physical and chemical properties
  • No infectious and oncogenic risk
  • A variety of simple and feasible means of improving immunogenicity
  • Neoepitope serves an effective target for individualized cancer vaccines

Technologies in Peptide Synthesis

The traditional use of chemical methods to produce peptides is carried out in solution phase. Currently, in most research and developments, these methods have been replaced by solid-phase methods. Only when large-scale production of peptides to meet industrial needs will the methods be adopted. Chemically synthesized peptides are not only simple and rapid, but also capable of producing proteins that are difficult to express in vivo, artificially adding unnatural amino acids, and modifying the backbone of the peptide.

Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) is a mature production technology for peptides that are now widely used. The basic principle of this technique is that in insoluble porous support, the amino acid derivative rapidly assembles the peptide chain by successive reaction. An important consideration in peptide production is the use of protecting groups to avoid unnecessary side reactions. In solid-phase peptide synthesis, the two commonly used protection schemes are Fmoc/tBu and Boc/Bzl. The former uses the N-terminus of the base-unstable Fmoc, and the deprotection required for this method is generally mild. Boc/Bzl is advantageous when it is desired to reduce the aggregation of peptides in the production of peptides. In addition, since Fmoc is unstable to bases, Boc/Bzl approach is a better choice when synthesizing base-sensitive moieties. For some longer peptides, microwave-related peptide synthesis is a good choice for producing peptides with low levels of racemization, while chemical ligation, fragment condensation, are also preferable method for producing long peptides.

Another highlighted feature of Creative Biolabs’ peptide synthesis technologies is that we uniquely use the fluorocarbon tail stabilization strategy, which allows the synthetic peptide vaccine to form a depot at the administration site, endowing the antigen with ability to stimulate the immune system strongly and continuously.

Services of Peptide Synthesis – Creative Biolabs

Fig.2 Services of Peptide Synthesis.

Features of Peptide Synthesis Services

  • Customized and demand-satisfied
  • State of the art production equipment
  • Rich peptide modification content
  • Strict production and quality control standards
  • Professional technical guidance
  • Cost-effective
  • Unique fluorocarbon tail stabilization technology to enhance the effect of the synthetic peptide vaccine

Creative Biolabs has more than a decade of experience in developing vaccines. Vaccine research is a systematic project that involves everything from design to production to evaluation. Every aspect is inseparable from the support of useful technology. As a vaccine star that is less complex to produce but works well, how to better dig out its full value is our mission. We have therefore conducted in-depth and extensive research on peptide production techniques and related modifications. Combining these technologies with vaccine development experience, we have found that the role of peptides has been greatly enhanced. Technology can only be improved if it is shared, so if you have any peptide synthesis and peptide-based vaccine needs, please let us assist you!

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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