Peptide or Protein Based Vaccines

Instead of being generated from the whole cell, some vaccines are made only from TAA proteins, or even small fragment of TAA proteins called TAA-derived peptides. These peptides contain epitopes that can presented by MHC molecules at the cell surface and recognized by T cells as target tumor antigen. Peptide-based vaccines take advantage of the ability of computer algorithms to screen protein amino acid sequences for peptide epitopes derived from TAAs. The proteins and peptides delivered with virus vectors or in combination with immune-stimulating molecules to the body can be presented by dendritic cells that activate CD8+ T cell to generate an anticancer immune response. Creative Biolabs is a world leader in the field of cancer vaccine development. With our extensive experience and advanced platform, we are therefore confident in offering the best development services for peptide or protein-based vaccines. We guarantee the finest results for our customers all over the world.

Peptide-based vaccine - Creative Biolabs

Fig.1 Peptide-based vaccine

The discovery that small peptide epitopes encode the specificity for recognition of foreign antigens by CTL provided the impetus for the generation of a range of immunization strategies targeting minimal CTL determinants, thus limiting side effects that may be associated with more complex vaccines. The ability to correctly define the appropriate peptide targets, particularly with regard to antigens expressed by malignant cells, is essential in order to generate effective peptide-based vaccines.

Our CTL Epitopes Determination Platforms

We provide a number of techniques to define CTL epitopes, including:

  • Directly elute peptides from MHC class I molecules on the surface of cells;
  • Expand CTL in vitro using whole antigen and subsequently define CTL epitopes using overlapping peptides from the antigens;
  • Using whole-tumor lysates to generate CTLs prior to determination of the CTL epitopes.

Vehicles for Delivery of Peptide or Protein Based Vaccines

The recent elucidation of the requirements associated with CTL activation, such as the maturation of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) and the production of proinflammatory cytokines, has led to the generation of more effective peptide-based vaccine strategies aimed at eliciting the signals required to generate CTLs.

We can also provide a range of vehicles for delivery of peptide or protein based vaccines, mainly including recombinant bacterial and viral vectorsrecombinant DNA-based delivery systems, and lipid-based delivery systems, such as immunostimulatory complexes (ISCOMs), lipopeptides, and liposomes. The most successful of these delivery vehicles are self-adjuvanting, having the capacity to target pattern recognition receptors on the surface of APCs in order to provide the necessary signaling required for maturation of the APC, in addition to the capacity to deliver antigens into the MHC class I pathway. A number of these delivery vehicles, including viral, DNA, and lipid-based vectors, have been shown to be safe for use in humans.

Animal Models - Creative Biolabs Animal Models

Creative Biolabs offers platforms to model and optimize peptide or protein-based vaccine strategies in a variety of animal models. Animal models provide a platform to model and optimize peptide-based vaccine strategies, typically by analysis of CTL responses of a single specificity presented by a single MHC molecule.

Creative Biolabs is a leader in the field of vaccine development and has focused on the cancer vaccines for years. We have experienced experts and advanced platforms that are able to provide excellent services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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