Transient Receptor Potential Channel Mucolipin Family

The transient receptor potential channel mucolipin (TRPML) is a subfamily of channel proteins within the transient receptor potential (TRP) superfamily of cation channels. Like other members of the TRP family, TRPMLs have six transmembrane domains and intracellular N- and C-termini (relatively short tails compared to other members). To date, three distinct proteins are known and designated TRPML1, TRPML2, and TRPML3. They are all localized to endo-lysosomes, although when overexpressed in heterologous systems, TRPML3 is found on the plasma membrane. Studies have suggested that members of the TRPML family are implicated in various membrane and protein sorting mechanisms along endo-lysosomal pathways. Furthermore, TRPML channels appear to be prominent lysosomal metal transporters.

Here, we have described in details of members of the transient receptor potential channel mucolipin family, which includes mucolipin-1, mucolipin-2, and mucolipin-3. To learn more detailed information, please click the links below.

Human TRPML Members

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