Solute Carrier Family 46

The solute carrier family 46 (SLC46) has been reported to transport folic acid and its derivatives, and heme with lower affinity. Besides, some of the SLC46s in mammals and flies appear to promote muropeptides delivery and recognition. A study has been reported SLC46 can promote cytosolic innate immune recognition of monomeric peptidoglycans. Furthermore, mammalian SLC46As also facilitate TCT- and MDP-triggered NOD receptor activation in human epithelial cells.

There have two common members of SLC46, including SLC46A1 and SLC46A2. SLC46A1 encoded by the SLC46A1 gene promotes the movement of folate and antifolate substrates across cell membranes, optimally in acidic pH environments, responsible for the intestinal absorption of folate and antifolates. Besides, SLC46A1 protein may also act as a heme transporter in duodenal enterocytes. Mutations in SLC46A1 gene are related to autosomal recessive hereditary folate malabsorption disease. Furthermore, mammalian SLC46A2s promote TCT-triggered NOD1 activation in human epithelial cell lines, indicating that SLC46As is a conserved group of peptidoglycan transporter contributing to cytosolic immune recognition. Here, we have described in detail of members of the SLC46. To learn more detailed information, please click the links below.

Human SLC46 Family Members

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