Vaccines for African Swine Fever Virus

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The ASFV (African swine fever virus) is a type of uncoated particles with a diameter of 172-220 nm. The mature virus particles have more than two capsids and a capsule outside the capsid. The virus has CD2, IKB and C-type hemagglutinin. The African swine fever virus has the characteristic of adsorbing pig red blood cells, but it loses this characteristic after transmission to cells. This may be due to the destruction of the viral surface glycoprotein polypeptide. This adsorption property can also be blocked by antiserum. The ASFV was first discovered in Kenya in 1921 and has so far become popular in dozens of countries in Africa, Europe and America. It causes the most serious viral diseases and threatens the pig industry in both developing and developed countries. It is the only known DNA virus in arthropod viruses.

The infection mechanism of Adenovirus.

Fig.1 The mechanism of African swine fever virus. (Galindo, 2017)

The Inactivated African Swine Fever Virus Vaccine

Inactivated vaccine is the most classic and earliest vaccine development method. When the African swine fever virus was first discovered, researchers began to develop inactivated vaccines. The inactivated vaccine causes the recipient to produce an immune response based on humoral immunity. The antibodies have the effect of neutralizing, removing pathogenic microorganisms and the toxins, and also have a good protective effect on pathogenic microorganisms that are infected outside the cell. The inactivated African swine fever virus vaccine has been widely used in many disease preventions, and the results show it plays an important role in the clinic.

The Subunit Vaccine for African Swine Fever Virus

Studies show that the research strategy of ASFV subunit vaccines is mainly to express ASFV protective antigen genes with neutralization sites in prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells, and then to present the resulting protein or polypeptide to antigen-presenting cells to induce high anti-ASFV neutralizing antibodies. There are many structural proteins encoded by ASFV. The convalescent pig serum shows that P72, P30, and P54 are the three most important antigenic proteins that cause humoral immune response during the infection. Antibodies for P72 and P54 can prevent viral adsorption, and antibodies for P30 can prevent viral endocytosis. The subunit vaccine has been extensively studied during the past few decades because of its high expression, low cost and high safety in disease therapy.

Homologous Recombinant Attenuated Vaccine for ASFV

Recombinant attenuated vaccine can usually give the body relative protection against the homologous virus. Homologous recombination has been the dominant technique for ASFV gene deletion in the development of attenuated vaccines. Now scientists have successfully constructed ASFVs with multiple gene knockout using homologous recombination. Recombinant attenuated vaccines not only provide good immune protection, but also significantly reduce the relapse and side effects of vaccine strains due to the characteristics of replication defects.

The African Swine Fever Virus – Creative Biolabs.

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  1. Galindo I and Alonso C. (2017). “African Swine Fever Virus: A Review”. Viruses. 9(5).

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