Vaccines for Virus from Arenaviridae Family

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Arenaviridae Family

The virus of Arenaviridae family is usually transmitted by rodents and infects humans. The genome of Arenavirus is a linear, single-stranded, segmented negative-sense to ambisense RNA. The virion is enveloped sphere, and the surface of the envelope is evenly distributed with projections having a length of 8-10 nm. The virion contains two nucleocapsids that are filamentous and closed into loops. By targeting activated monocytes, Arenavirus is able to enter host cells. The α-dystroglycan molecule on the surface of the host cell membrane is the receptor for Lassa Fever Virus. Studies have shown that pH-mediated fusion and direct cytoplasmic membrane fusion play a role in the process of virus entry into host cells. Rodents infected with Arenavirus cause chronic diseases, and viruses from the family rarely infect humans and generally cause mild diseases. The Z protein of the virus interferes with the production of type I interferon by binding to RIG-I.

Lassa Fever Vaccine

Lassa Fever is mainly popular in West Africa and is a huge threat to the lives of local residents and Lassa Fever Virus researchers. The virus can spread widely through aerosols, so the successful development of the Lassa Fever vaccine is critical to the control of the disease. Previous studies have shown that G protein has a protective effect, but the duration of its effect is not known. The N protein enhances the persistence of the protective effect provided by the G protein but may also aggravate the infection. A single live virus vaccine provides good protection, while an inactivated virus vaccine is more stable but requires multiple vaccinations.

Argentine Fever Vaccine

The Argentine hemorrhagic fever caused by the Junin virus is an acute hemorrhagic fever disease that has become an important hazard to the public health of Argentina. Contact with the infected rodent, primarily Calomys musculinus, can lead to human infection. People infected with the disease may recover or die within 1-2 weeks. In the absence of treatment, the mortality rate of the disease varies from 15 to 30%. Argentine hemorrhagic fever virus not only poses a huge threat to the Argentine people, but has also been researched as a potential biological weapon by the United States, and is, therefore, a potential danger to the people of the world. Developing safe and reliable vaccines is an effective measure to address these threats.

Machupo Virus Vaccine

Machupo virus is the causative agent of Bolivia hemorrhagic fever. The main symptoms of the disease include changes in vascular permeability, damages to microvessels, fever, and myalgia. Late stages of the disease can develop into shock, systemic mucosal bleeding, and nerve damage. The disease is mainly prevalent in Bolivia and surrounding areas, mainly because of the fact that the specific host of Machupo virus is mainly found in the tropics. The host of Machupo virus are primarily rodents, and the virus spreads in aerosol form through the secretions of infected animals. It is worth noting that Junin virus, which also belongs to the Arenaviridae family, has cross-protection against Machupo virus infection.

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