COVB Platform for Cancer Vaccines

As a disease with high mortality and serious impact on the quality of life of patients, prevention and conquering cancer is an important mission of scientists. The easy metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells is a headache for researchers and the reason why curing cancer is so difficult. Creative Biolabs leads a top research team that has been developing and optimizing cancer vaccines for more than a decade and has established mature strategies and research systems that has made an important contribution to the development of cancer vaccines and therapies.


Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are a kind of cancer cells found in tumors that have similar properties to normal stem cells, especially the ability to produce all cell types in a particular cancer sample. This carcinogenicity of CSCs is manifested by self-renewal and differentiation into multiple cell types, which are also thought to be responsible for tumor recurrence and metastasis. Therefore, some scientists target CSCs and hope to improve the survival rate and quality of life of cancer patients, especially those with metastatic cancer.

CSCs specific and conventional cancer therapies. – Creative Biolabs

Fig.1 CSCs specific and conventional cancer therapies.

Combined Oncolytic Virus and Bacteria (COVB) Platform

Based on the above principles, we developed a combined oncolytic virus and bacteria (COVB) platform targeting cancer stem cells (CSCs) to prevent tumor metastasis and recurrence. The COVB platform combines the advantages of bacteria to penetrate deep into solid tumors and the ability of oncolytic viruses to effectively kill tumor cells. The combination of these two will have the potential to remove CSCs.

Features of COVB Platform

  • Reaching deep CSC niches
  • Effectively kill tumor cells
  • Natural targeting advantages of bacteria for cancer-related non-malignant cells
  • Ability to continuously produce high titers of virus in situ
  • Avoid the difficulty of manufacturing sufficient titers of oncolytic virus

Schematic of COVB Platform. – Creative Biolabs

Fig.2 Schematic of COVB Platform.

The prevention and treatment of cancer have always been a difficult problem for scientists to overcome. As research in this area progresses and deepens, more and more strategies show hope for curing cancer. Strategies that target CSCs is also one of them. Creative Biolabs has been eagerly absorbing the latest research findings and applying it to vaccine development and optimization with boldness and discretion. The COVB platform is not only theoretically feasible but also shows its potential in trials. If you need any of this, please negotiate with us for a detailed cooperation plan, we will be your most reliable partner!

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