Synthetic Vaccine Particles Design

Synthetic vaccine particles deliver antigens and drug to APCs (antigen-presenting cells) in an efficient manner similar to viruses. Creative Biolabs now offers rational design services for synthetic vaccine particles to facilitate vaccine development and immunotherapy. Our synthetic vaccine particle technology platform is designed and optimized by our talented scientists to incorporate a wide range of antigens and immunomodulators for the treatment of a variety of cancer and chronic infections.

Synthetic Vaccine Particles Design – Creative Biolabs


  • Highly flexible
  • Enable to incorporate multiple antigens and immunomodulators
  • Synthetic vaccine particles remain intact after being injected into the body
  • Inducing effective antigen-specific stimulatory response
  • Enhanced immune response
  • Inducing tolerogenic response
  • Reduced production of systemic inflammatory cytokines
  • Selectively accumulate in lymphoid organs
  • Used for the development of vaccines that are capable of inducing antigen-specific tolerance and activating the immune system

Rational Design of Synthetic Vaccine Particles

After decades of efforts, the integration of nanotechnology and nanomedicine has successfully driven the first generation of nanomedicine to the clinic. There are a variety of promising nano-sized tools for biomedical applications, of which synthetic vaccine particles are increasingly being used because of their ability to partially overcome the low immunogenicity of specific antigens. The use of synthetic vaccine particles as vaccine delivery systems has a number of advantages. Synthetic vaccine particles have shown great potential as delivery systems for therapeutic cancer vaccines as they can overcome the low immunogenicity of the tumor antigen. Due to the targeted delivery of proteins to antigen presenting cells (APCs), encapsulation of the entire protein in the synthetic vaccine particles significantly enhances the immune response, resulting in improved antigen processing and more efficient cross-presentation. They enhance the co-delivery of tumor-associated antigens and adjuvants with dendritic cells, ensuring efficient activation of the immune system against tumor cells.

Creative Biolabs has developed a highly flexible Synthetic Vaccine Particle technology platform to incorporate a wide range of antigens and immunomodulators for the treatment of a variety of cancer and chronic infections.

Immune system targeting by nanoparticles for cancer vaccines.

Fig.2 Immune system targeting by nanoparticles for cancer vaccines. (Silva JM, et al. 2013)

Synthetic Vaccine Particles Carrying Adjuvant

Enhancement of immunogenicity can be achieved by co-administering the particles of the antigen with an adjuvant. However, many adjuvants elicit a strong systemic inflammatory response in the body, resulting in potential adverse events and safety issues. Our synthetic vaccine particles have been designed to encapsulate with both antigens and potent adjuvants. Synthetic vaccine particles carrying adjuvants enhance the immune response to the encapsulated antigen and exhibit strong local immune activation without inducing systemic cytokine release.

Creative Biolabs provides our customers a series of synthetic vaccine particles design services. We are confident in providing highly stable and qualified products for our clients all over the world. Please contact us for more details.


  1. Silva JM; et al. Immune system targeting by biodegradable nanoparticles for cancer vaccines. J Control Release. 2013, 168(2): 179-99.

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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