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Ovarian Cancer – Creative Biolabs CA125 (MUC16)

CA125 is a mullerian duct differentiation antigen expressed in some normal secretory tissues but overexpressed in ovarian cancer and some other cancers. It has been used as a serum marker for monitoring patients with ovarian cancer since it was first identified in 1981 using a murine monoclonal antibody. It has recently been identified as a mucin (MUC16) with high seronine, threonine and proline content and many (probably >60) partially conserved tandem repeats (156aa each) at the N-terminal region. The C-terminus contains a possible transmembrane region and a potential tyrosine phosphorylation site.

As an ovarian cancer antigen, CA125 is the basis for a widely used serum assay for the monitoring of patients with ovarian cancer. It is a mullerian duct differentiation antigen that is overexpressed in epithelial ovarian cancer cells and secreted into the blood, although its expression is not entirely confined to ovarian cancer. CA125 was first identified by Bast, Knapp, and colleagues in 1981 by a monoclonal antibody (OC125) that had been developed from mice immunized with an ovarian cancer cell line. These investigators subsequently developed a radioimmunoassay for the antigen and showed that serum CA125 levels are elevated in about 80% of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer but in less than 1% of healthy women. Numerous studies since that time have confirmed the usefulness of CA125 levels in the progress of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer.

CA125 Based Cancer Vaccines

Because CA125 has only recently been sequenced, no trials with CA125 vaccines have been conducted to date. However, forty-two ovarian cancer patients have been immunized with themurine monoclonal anti-idiotype (ACA125), which imitates an epitope on CA125. While HAMA and anti-idiotype antibodies were induced in the majority of patients, reactivity of post immunization sera with tumor cells was induced in only occasional patients. There was no evidence of autoimmunity in these patients.

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