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Human Adenocarcinoma Associated Antigen (KSA)

Human adenocarcinoma associated antigen (KSA), also called epithelial glycoprotein (EGP) and EpCAM, is a 40 kDa glycoprotein associated with the cell surface of most adenocarcinomas and with the corresponding normal tissues (once again at secretory borders). It is a member of a family of epithelial cell surface antigens homologous to nidogen, a matrix adhesion protein neuroectodermal origin.

Although KSA is expressed in a polarized manner at the basolateral surface of normal epithelial cells, KSA in staining was more homogeneous on the membranes of tumor cells. Therefore, the changes in KSA expression seen with transformation resemble those of carcinoma embryonic antigen (CEA), which has been shown to contribute to cell-cell adhesion of some colon tumor cells. These observations suggest that KSA may also play a role in fundamental cell-cell or cell-matrix interactions of epithelial cells.

KSA Based Cancer Vaccines

Prostate Cancer – Creative Biolabs

KSA has been recognized by a series of mAbs (17–1A, KS1/4, H99, GA733). Treatment with 17–1A has resulted in occasional clinical responses of advanced carcinomas without toxicity and when administered in the adjuvant setting to patients with Dukes C colon cancer, has prolonged disease free and overall survival compared to randomized controls. Toxicity due to antibody access to and reaction with normal tissues was not seen.

Antibodies against KSA have been described in patients following vaccination with anti-idiotypic antibodies and some patients vaccinated with KSA of baculovirus origin. KSA is clearly potentially immunogenic in humans and these antibodies have not resulted in detectable toxicity. Mucin protein HCA is overexpressed in cells of prostatic carcinoma, which may have value in diagnosis and therapy.

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