Vaccines for Bacteria from Mycobacterium Family

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Mycobacteriaceae, a family of infectious bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae, are usually found in soil and dairy product as well as parasites in human or other mammals. The evidences show that the Mycobacteriaceae family are associated with a wide variety of diseases, such as tuberculosis and leprosy. There are many different species and strains in the member of Mycobacteriaceae. They have been classified into several major groups for purpose of diagnosis and treatment. In addition, they are naturally resistant to a number of antibiotics and can survive at some extreme conditions, including acids, alkalis, as well as oxidative bursts. The vaccines targeted on Mycobacteriaceae family have been approved and widely used in disease therapy, but the results are variable in different group of individuals. Recent studies are still trying to identify the gene diversity and potential mechanism of Mycobacteriaceae infections, which could be beneficial to the Mycobacteriaceae vaccine development in the future.

The Structure and Components of The Mycobacteriaceae Family

Fig.1 The Structure and Components of The Mycobacteriaceae Family.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Vaccines

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a member of Mycobacteriaceae family, which is the main cause of tuberculosis (TB) in human or other mammals. Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease which can affect the lung and other part of body. Individuals infected by M. tuberculosis often occur fever, cough, pain in the chest, as well as weight loss. M. tuberculosis is mainly spread through the air when people breathe in expelled droplets from a person with an active TB infection. The data show that it causes high infection rate and morbidity as well as mortality rate. Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is a live attenuated vaccine which has been widely used for TB prevention in children but has limitations in adults. Therefore, novel vaccines are urgently needed to eliminate the M. tuberculosis and prevent TB. Research demonstrate that numerous different M. tuberculosis candidates have been identified and widely used in vaccines development, such as RUTI, MTBVAC, as well as MVA85A.

Mycobacterium leprae Vaccines

Mycobacterium leprae, an acid-fast, pathogenic bacterium, belongs to Mycobacteriaceae family, is mainly found in most tropical countries. It can cause leprosy which may lead to permanent physical disabilities and weakness, as well as severe limitations in human. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease which can affect skin, peripheral nerves, and eyes. The incubation period of M. leprae is very long, in some cases up to 20 years. M. leprae is mainly transmitted by close contact with leprosy patients. In addition, the live attenuated M. leprae vaccines have developed and improved markedly around the world over the past thirty years. The vaccines have a significant effect on preventing infectious leprosy syndrome but the efficacy of M. leprae vaccine still need be improved in different groups of people. Recent studies suggest the heat shock proteins of M. leprae, such as cytoplasmic HSP, are important to provide protection against M. leprae in mice models.

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Multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosi

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