Vaccines for Bacteria from Chlamydiae Family

Creative Biolabs provides global solution for worldwide customers in the field of vaccine development. We have successfully accomplished many projects of vaccine development for bacterium from Chlamydiae families. We guarantee the finest results for our customers all over the world.

Chlamydiae, a family of Gram-negative obligate intracellular bacteria, including Chlamydiae trachomatis, Chlamydiae pneumoniae, and Chlamydiae psittaci. Studies show they are related with a number of diseases in human, other mammals and birds, such as acute respiratory infection, sexually transmitted disease as well as pelvic inflammatory disease, which cause widespread morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Chlamydiae infection can be treated by many methods, like antibodies or vaccines. The data suggest that antibodies based on specific Chlamydiae are less effective and safe in disease therapy. There are a wide variety of vaccines being developed, which may play an important role in disease prevention.

The Bacteria from Chlamydiae Family - Creative Biolabs

Chlamydiae trachomatis Vaccines

Chlamydiae trachomatis is a Gram-negative bacterium, belonging to Chlamydiae family. It is one of most pathogenic bacteria in mammals and usually spread by infected birds. C. trachomatis infection occurs around the world, mainly exists in America, Australia, and several areas in Europe. There are many C. trachomatis vaccine candidates being developed, such as MOMP vaccine, which plays important roles in the prevention of C. trachomatis infection. However, the results from various animal models and human studies suggest that currently available vaccine only can provide short-lived immunity protection.

Chlamydiae pneumoniae Vaccines

Chlamydiae pneumoniae, a member of Chlamydiae family, is the cause of acute and chronic infections of the upper and lower respiratory tracts in human. Research suggest that it has caused substantial morbidity and mortality as well as disability in most countries around the world. Many genetic vaccines targeting C. pneumoniae have been proved to be effective and safe in children and adults. A number of candidate gene, such as CPn0913, have been proven to be important for immunization. Meanwhile, animal models of different vaccines have also gradually been established around the world.

Chlamydiae psittaci Vaccines

Chlamydiae psittaci, with a high morbidity and mortality rates, is a Gram-negative bacterium which often causes infections in mammals, such as goats, sheep, and cattle. Chlamydiae psittaci has caused millions of infections each year. Studies conducted on Chlamydiae psittaci indicate that it is associated with a wide variety of diseases, including enzootic abortion and fetal death. The Chlamydiae psittaci vaccines have been widely used in various Chlamydiae psittaci-related disease prevention. Among them, several live attenuated Chlamydiae psittaci vaccines have shown that no adverse effects and highly safety in clinic. DNA C. psittaci vaccines still need to be improved in the efficacy of animal models and human studies.

Our Services for Bacterial Vaccines from Chlamydiae Family

Bacterial Vaccines from Chlamydiae Family

Our platform provides a seamless, high-quality, single-source value chain from discovery to commercialization in Chlamydiae family project. As a research-driven and customer-focus company, we are dedicated to helping our worldwide customers shorten the discovery and development time and lower the cost of vaccine development process.

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Creative Biolabs is a professional vaccine development expert with extensive experience in the vaccine development services for years. We have experienced experts and advanced platforms that are able to provide excellent services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

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