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Cancer Vaccine Adjuvant Development

An adjuvant (from the ‘adjuvare’ of Latin, meaning ‘help’ or ‘enhancement’) is defined as any compound that is added to the vaccine to enhance immune responses against antigens. It is an essential component of many vaccines and is typically used to enhance immunity against antigens, which is impressively important for populations with reduced immune responses, including those with hypo-responsiveness to vaccination, and for those who are naive to the pathogens. In addition, this ability can serve to increase the viability of potentially promising vaccine approaches (e.g. recombinant protein vaccines) and to allow antigen dose-sparing, which helps to streamline production by overcoming limitations in manufacturing processes.

Characteristic properties of vaccine adjuvants.

Fig.1 Characteristic properties of vaccine adjuvants. (Bonam, 2017)

Cancer Vaccine adjuvants market is segmented into pathogens, particulates, emulsion adjuvants, combinations, and others. In Creative Biolabs, we continuously make efforts to unravel the modes of action of different adjuvants, in order to access opportunities for maximizing the potential of new cancer vaccines. Meanwhile, new adjuvants and adjuvant formulations are being developed by us as our understanding of immunogenicity and complementary mechanisms continue to deepen.

Adjuvant Development Services at Creative Biolabs

The vaccine adjuvant is any product or combination of components that can increase or modulate the humoral or cellular immunity. In many cases, the immunogenicity of antigens is very weak, thereby an adjuvant is required to increase the immune response. Creative Biolabs has strong capability to develop potent adjuvants that improve the effectiveness of cancer vaccines and reduce the cost of vaccination programs. Here, we hope to introduce a number of robust services for global scientists during adjuvant development to accelerate their projects in specific vaccine studies.

  1. Cancer vaccine adjuvant selection;
  2. Cancer vaccine adjuvant optimization;
  3. Adjuvant technology selection and transfer;
  4. New vector and antigen delivery system development;
  5. Harmonization platform for adjuvant comparison;
  6. The safety evaluation for adjuvants.

And there are various kinds of cancer vaccine adjuvants that can be provided by us, including but not limited to:

Mineral salts Aluminum salts (alum), calcium phosphate;
Lipid particles Complete Freund’s adjuvant (CFA); incomplete Freund’s adjuvant (IFA); MF59; AS03; cochleates
Microparticles Virus-like particles (VLP); virosomes; PLA (polylactic acid); PLG (poly[lactide-coglycolide])
Immune potentiators dsRNA; monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL); LPS; flagellin; imidazoquinolines; CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (ODN); muramyl dipeptide (MDP); saponins (QS-21)
Mucosal adjuvants Cholera toxin (CT); heat-labile enterotoxin (LTK3 and LTR72); chitosan

Highlights from Creative Biolabs

  1. One-stop, custom-oriented service packages
  2. Comprehensive considerations for adjuvant development
  3. Ideal adjuvants with long shelf-life, bio-degradable, and improved immune responses
  4. Low costs and more adjuvant, vector, and delivery options

Adjuvants have several key benefits, such as reducing the number of antigens required, cutting the number of vaccines needed, enhancing the vaccine effectiveness in immunocompromised people, and so on. Creative Biolabs aims to promote classical and novel cancer vaccine adjuvants toward licensing for human uses, and also support the optimization of adjuvant candidates and research of pharmacology, toxicity, and efficacy of pre-clinical adjuvant.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on adjuvant development services.


  1. Bonam, S.R.; et al. An overview of novel adjuvants designed for improving vaccine efficacy. Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2017, 38(9): 771-793.

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