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Cancer Vaccine Types and Design


Cancer vaccines can be used as medical agents to elicit a powerful immune response through enhancing specific T cell responses and antibody production. Both traditional preventive anti-viral vaccines and novel therapeutic anti-tumor vaccines have been developed into cancer vaccines. To support cancer vaccine discovery, Creative Biolabs carefully accommodates the properties and clinical use of your project and provides customized cancer vaccine design services covering various types.

Cancer Vaccine Design Services
For preventing and treating cancer, as a promising & innovative therapeutic approach

Creative Biolabs has effectively supported the cancer vaccine industry for many years through our unique cancer vaccine design and related services. With the help of our global network of scientific, engineering, and regulatory experts, we ensure to provide the right expertise in the early stage of cancer vaccine discovery, which can facilitate boosting productivity, efficiency and obtaining the safest and effective vaccines to market.

Tumor cell vaccine

Tumor cell vaccines

Tumor cells are typically not immunogenic, Creative Biolabs provides a series of design and modification services to improve the efficacy of autologous and allogeneic cell vaccines, such as modification of vaccine cells to express costimulatory molecules or cytokines, etc.

  1. Autologous tumor cell vaccines;
  2. Allogeneic tumor cell vaccines.
Dendritic cell vaccine

DC vaccines

Dendritic cells can elicit the immune response via breaking the antigens on the cancer cell surface into smaller pieces. With experienced experts and advanced platforms, we are confident in offering design services for dendritic-based vaccines.

Protein or peptide-based cancer vaccine

Protein/Peptide-based cancer vaccines

Protein or peptide-based cancer vaccine uses tumor specific antigens to stimulate the immune response including increasing cytotoxic T lymphocytes to attack cancer cells. We offer design services such as:

  1. Tumor-associated antigens as therapeutic targets;
  2. Immunostimulatory adjuvants for protein/peptide-based vaccines.
Genetic vaccine

Genetic vaccines

  1. DNA vaccines;
  2. RNA vaccines;
  3. Viral-based vaccines.
Anti-Idiotype vaccine

Anti-Idiotype Vaccines

Anti-idiotype (Id) antibody vaccines can be used to stimulate immunity and are promising immunologic approaches to treat cancer. The efficacy of anti-Id vaccines on preventing tumor growth and treating mice with existing tumors has been demonstrated in extensive studies of animal tumor models.

Vector based vaccine

Vector Based Vaccines

  1. Viral vectors;
  2. Bacterial vectors;
  3. Fungal vectors.
Other vaccines

Other vaccines

  1. BCG vaccines;
  2. Cytomegalovirus-based cancer immunotherapy;
  3. Fully synthetic carbohydrate-based cancer vaccines and others.

Our capabilities are not limited to the above choices. At Creative Biolabs, we can help our clients to design the cancer vaccines to best fit your projects according to your detailed requirements. Besides the design services of various cancer vaccine types, we also provide design services for other key components including:

  • Immunological adjuvant;
  • Delivery system-Vehicle or carrier.


  • Comprehensive cancer vaccine design services covering a wide array of types;
  • End-to-end cancer vaccine development services;
  • Extensive expertise, superior scientist and advanced platforms.

Creative Biolabs is committed to developing therapeutic cancer vaccines via stimulating or boosting the immune system of the patients to attack tumors. We are fully capable of providing accurate results for our global clients with the aim of maximizing the success of your cancer vaccine projects. To get more information, please contact us to learn how we can be involved in your projects.

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