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CAR Modified NK Cells

As a leading service provider in the field of antibody discovery and immunotherapy for years, Creative Biolabs can provide customers CellRapeutics™ Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) construction service with the highest quality for engineering Natural Killer (NK) cells. This is a new member of CAR Cells’ family that can be applied in immunological researches and clinical trials.

1. Background

Natural killer cells (NK cells) are a type of lymphoid cell population critical to the innate immune system. Meanwhile, the role of NK cells is similar to that of T lymphocyte in the vertebrate adaptive immune response. Usually, immune cells detect major histocompatibility complex (MHC) presented on infected cell surface firstly, then trigger cytokine release and cell lysis or apoptosis. However, NK cells have an excellent ability to recognize stressed cells in the absence of antibodies and MHC, which means a much faster immune reaction. Due to this property, NK cells are especially important for harmful cells that are missing MHC I markers and cannot be detected and destroyed by other immune cells like T lymphocyte cells. The talent of NK cells in both the innate and adaptive immune responses is attracting attention. Scientists from Creative Biolabs take this opportunity and generate CAR-modified NK cells to offer more flexible options for disease treatments.

2. Featured CAR-NK Cells

CAR-NK cells have several appealing features. Firstly, CAR-NK cells can be engineered from ceaseless NK cells. This has been realized by iPSC-NK, which is produced by inserting exogenous genes into normal cells and turning them into multipotential stem cells. Secondly, to reduce some limitations of wild-type iPSC-NK cells, we successfully constructed mutant NK92 cells to get rid of the problem. Moreover, our CAR-NK cell line has obtained positive results in a mouse model mice with ovarian cancer. The results showed that injection of CAR-NK cells can significantly reduce the tumor loads. Also, the survival rate test showed us that CAR-NK cells can exist for 100 days in vivo, which is much better than any other NK cells categories. It seems that there is no difference in antineoplastic activity between CAR-NK cells and T lymphocyte cells. Another experiment suggested that CAR-NK cells will not cause any serious side effect, like cytokine storm brought by CAR-T lymphocyte cells. Therefore, CAR-NK cells may have great potential in clinical application for its higher efficiency with lower toxicity.

CAR Modified NK cells

Fig. Summary of CAR NK cell activation mechanisms. (Anna Domogala, 2015)

3. Features of Our Service

➢ Continuously produced and widely used NK cells
➢ Ph.D. level scientists and skillful technicians
➢ Extensive experience
➢ Superior quality

With years of extensive experience in the field of immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs has won a good reputation and established cooperation with numerous worldwide customers. We promise timely troubleshooting to guarantee the highest success rate of every project. We are dedicated to facilitating your projects and pushing the progress towards clinical trials through sharing our technologies, platforms, and resources. Please feel free to contact us for more details and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Anna Domogala, (2015). Natural killer cell immunotherapy: from bench to bedside. Front. Immunol. 6(264).

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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