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Development of Serum-Free Culture System

Based on an optimized complete vaccine production system, Creative Biolabs has the ability to provide comprehensive engineering development services for vaccine production. We provide a variety of serum-free suspension media for use as a host cell line for virus production including ST, PK-15, MDCK, BHK, insect cells and so on.

Serum-Free Suspension Culture Development

Our serum-free, ultra-low protein media contains no animal or human ingredients to minimize the possibility of contamination by mammalian pathogens and eliminate all problems associated with animal serum use. We are happy to help you achieve consistent cell growth and virus production, including adhesion and suspension growth systems, in laboratory-scale applications as well as in large-scale production runs. The use of serum-free suspension culture brings many advantages, including:

  • Inter-batch uniformity
  • Free from mycoplasma and other contaminants
  • Simplify product purification and downstream processing

Cell Line Culture for Vaccine Production

As a leading provider of vaccine services, Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive range of customized serum-free suspension culture, including:

Cell Line Culture Vaccine Production Description
ST Cell Line Culture Pseudorabies Vaccin Porcine Parvovirus Vaccine Porcine testis (ST) cells are considered to be one of the most suitable cell lines for producing vaccines against pseudorabies virus. Creative Biolabs is developing a complete suspension culture for ST cells, supporting high-density, full-suspension culture of ST single cells for large-scale production of biological products.
PK-15 Cell Line Culture PCV2 Vaccine Creative Biolabs has developed a microcarrier adherent culture production method for culturing pseudorabies virus using the PK-15 cell line, which supports high-density full-suspension culture of PK-15 single cells and greatly shortens the time for culturing cells.
MDCK Cell Line Culture Avian Influenza Vaccine Creative Biolabs has established several suspension cell lines for influenza vaccine production, including MDCK, PER. C6, AGE. CR, EB14 / EB66, and CAP. In particular, for influenza production, serum-free suspension culture of MDCK cells has been developed in Creative Biolabs.
BHK Cell Line Culture Newcastle Disease Vaccine Rabies Vaccine Creative Biolabs has developed serum-free media that can be used to culture-specific cell types or for specific applications in the absence of serum. Our serum-free medium for the baby hamster kidney (BHK) cell line is highly specific and is ideal for the production of recombinant proteins or vaccines.
Insect Cell Line Culture Subunit Vaccine Mineral-derived compounds have been used for years as effective antigens, along with aluminum adjuvants. They are generically referred to as Alum in literature and are widely used in human vaccines.

For more details, please feel free to contact us for project quotations and more detailed information.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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