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Flow Cytometry Application in CAR-T System

As a leading service provider in the field of antibody discovery and immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs now presents one-stop CAR-T therapy development service which has become a revolution in the area of cancer therapy. Flow cytometry can be a powerful laser-based technology to analyze the characteristics of CAR-T cells from biomarker identification to clinical trial. Creative Biolabs has complete flow cytometry related products to support the one-stop CAR-T service.

1. Background

Flow cytometry is a widely used laser- or impedance-based method for analyzing the expression of cell surface and intracellular molecules, characterizing and defining different cell types in a heterogeneous cell population, assessing the purity of isolated subpopulations and analyzing cell size and volume. It allows simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second at single cell level. Creative Biolabs provides CAR-T one-stop service from basic research to clinical trials and beyond, and flow cytometry has been a critical tool in evaluating the effectiveness of different CAR-T cell products.

2. Flow Cytometry Application

Creative Biolabs offers various flow cytometry technologies during the whole CAR-T therapy service from preclinical development to clinical monitoring of CAR-T cell to assure that handling and processing our provided service result in a CAR-T cell product that contains functional and viable CAR-T cells.

➢ Patient's T Cell Isolation

Creative Biolabs provides flow cytometry analysis of isolated blood products to ensure that a sufficient number of healthy and functional T cells being used for processing and re-infusion.

➢ CAR Expression Evaluation

Creative Biolabs provides flow cytometry used to assure that a sufficient number of viable T cells are expressing the specific CAR, and make sure that these cells show other phenotypic indicators of T cell functionality.

➢ CAR-T Cell Activation and Expansion

Creative Biolabs provides flow cytometry used to track T cell activation and expansion with cell proliferation and viability dyes in an easy way.

➢ CAR-T Cell Characterization

Creative Biolabs provides flow cytometry to analyze the phenotypic and subset composition of CAR-T cell populations.

➢ CAR-T Cell Function Monitoring

Creative Biolabs provides validated flow cytometry used to monitor the persistence and functionality of these CAR-T cells as the evaluation of effectiveness of this treatment. It can be applied in functional cytokine production, cytokine release assay, immunohistochemistry analysis of CAR-T cell infiltration in tumor microenvironment, common immuno-activated or immunosuppressive markers expression etc.

➢ T Cell Exhaustion

Creative Biolabs provides flow cytometry used to examine T cell exhaustion with markers including PD-L1 and FoxP3. Low exhausted phenotype ensures a more consistent and efficacious product.

➢ Tumor Regression Monitoring

Creative Biolabs provides flow cytometry used to detect the frequency of target cell lysis/apoptotic cells, antitumor activity of CAR-T cell, clinical phenotypes of patients, disease diagnosis etc.

Flow cytometry applications in CAR-T system

Figure 1: Flow cytometry applications in CAR-T system (FC: Flow Cytometry)

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With years of extensive experience in the field of immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs has won a good reputation and established cooperation with numerous worldwide customers. We promise timely troubleshooting to guarantee the highest success rate of every project. We are dedicated to facilitating your projects and pushing the progress towards clinical trials through sharing our technologies, platforms, and resources. We can provide the above flow cytometry technologies but not limited to those. Any customized consultant is welcomed. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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