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GMP Cancer Vaccine Production

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), also referred to 'cGMP' (current Good Manufacturing Practice), is an aspect of quality assurance to ensure continuous production and control of medicines (e.g. vaccines) to meet the uniform quality standards required by their intended use and product specification.

The cancer vaccine development and manufacturing have put forward high requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. The special requirements must be taken for handling and safety with living organisms and measures that exceed the requirements of traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing. Besides, the challenges of increased risk of cross contaminations, issues about the personal safety of staff, and cleanliness and disinfection of labs and facilities occupy a considerable scale in the vaccine production. As a leading manufacturer, Creative Biolabs is always dedicated to introducing flexible commercial cGMP equipment for cancer vaccine production to meet every step of clients’ projects.


GMP Cancer Vaccine Production Services at Creative Biolabs

GMP defines measures for both production and quality control and general measures to ensure that processes necessary for testing and productions are clearly defined, validated, reviewed and documented and that the stuff, premises and raw materials are suitable for the production of biologicals, for instance, vaccines. Also, GMP has legal components including responsibilities for contract manufacturing, distribution, and testing, and responses to product complaints. Here, Creative Biolabs focuses on the following topics or possible problems during GMP productions and provides integrated services to assist clients in accomplishing high-quality and high-efficiency cancer vaccine manufacturing.

MHC Tetramer AssaysOur focus on GMP production processing:

  1. GMP issues for upstream processing

General GMP concerns for upstream; raw material preparation; cell culture; virus culture; inactivation of microorganisms.

  1. GMP issues for downstream processing

General GMP concerns for downstream; (ultra) filtration techniques; (ultra) centrifugation techniques; sterile filtration and aseptic processing.

Our characteristic services include but not limited to:

  • GMP cancer vaccine adjuvants development
  • GMP delivery systems development
  • GMP cancer vaccine analysis and qualification
  • Mammalian cell banks
  • Microbial cell banks
  • Monoclonal antisera production
  • Polyclonal antisera production
  • Quality control (QC) of vaccine production
  • Consultation services on GMP vaccine production
  • Storage and transport services

Highlights from Creative Biolabs

  1. The high-efficiency process to maximize cancer vaccine yield and maintain product quality
  2. Top cleanrooms & conditions according to international standards
  3. Controllable processed and repeatable results with no biological risk
  4. Professional groups with over 10 years’ experience in the vaccine industry

With extensive experience in this field, Creative Biolabs can offer one-stop services ranging from cancer vaccine discovery target validation to pre-clinical evaluation, to GMP manufacturing. If you’re interested in any service, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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