pCDCAR1 Integrin αvβ6 h(ζ) (CAR-MZ229)

The vector of Bpep based chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) is constructed for the engineering of T cells to target human Integrin αvβ6. The T cells are genetically modified through transduction with a lentiviral vector expressing Bpep peptide linked to CD3ζ signaling domains. And the vector product was designed for the treatment of human ovarian cancer.


  • Target
  • Alpha(v) beta(6) integrin (αvβ6)
  • Target Species
  • Human
  • Targeting Cell Type
  • T cell
  • Targeting Diseases
  • Human ovarian cancer
  • Generation
  • First
  • Vector Name
  • pCDCAR1
  • Vector Length
  • ~8kb
  • Vector Type
  • Lentiviral
  • Receptor Construction
  • Bpep-CD4TM-CD3ζ
  • Discription of Signaling Cassetes
  • CD3ζ
    CD3ζ, also known as T-cell receptor zeta, which together with T-cell receptor and CD3γ, δ , ε chain, forms the TCR-CD3 complex. ζ was expressed independently from the complex. The zeta chain plays an important role in coupling antigen recognition to several intracellular signal-transduction pathways. CD3-zeta, which contains 3 ITAMs, is the most commonly used endodomain component of CARs. It transmits an activation signal to the T cell after antigen is bound. CD3-zeta may not provide a fully competent activation signal and additional co-stimulatory signaling is needed. For example, chimeric CD28 and OX40 can be used with CD3-zeta to transmit a proliferative/survival signal, or all three can be used together.


  • Gene Name
  • integrin subunit alpha V
  • Official Symbol
  • Synonyms
  • CD51; MSK8; VNRA; VTNR
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