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Physiological CAR Construction Service

Based on the advanced technology and rich experience, Creative Biolabs has promoted one-stop CAR development service. We offer a variety of CAR products including scFv-based CAR and physiological CAR in order to meet your special needs.

Researchers have made a significant effort in the treatment of cancer. Chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) are one remarkable way with tumor specificity. Therefore, co-stimulation in CAR T cells has been the focus of intense research over the last several years. The basic CAR consists of an antigen-binding domain, a short spacer region, a transmembrane domain and signaling domain. In the most of applications, single-chain variable fragments (scFv) are using receptor ligands. The CARs endow T cells antigen-specific recognition, activation and proliferation in an MHC-independent manner.

However, since many CAR constructions contain scFv of murine origin, there remains a risk of an immune response against the modified cells. The consequent anaphylaxis of CAR T cells transfer also can’t be ignored. These disadvantages limit the persistence of infused cells. Thus, besides the classical CAR, Creative Biolabs developed a physiological CAR, as known as receptor ligands CAR, which can recognize the bind tumor antigens such as HER3 and HER4. The physiological CAR consists of an antigen receptor and a CD3ζ intracellular signaling domain with/without a transmembrane and a spacer region, which can also be engineered into immune cells to target its ligands expressed on tumor cells. Applied in the field of adoptive immunotherapy, this approach increases the ability of T cells to recognize tumor associated targets and eliminate cancer cells. After the construction of physiological CAR, our scientists can offer you a series of services to complete your whole research, including but not limited to CAR cell in vitro assay, CAR preclinical in vivo assay and CAR clinical trials.

Our technical experts are looking forward to designing a customized strategy of physiological CAR construction and creaing real value to your projects. You will save yourself the cost and effort with the help of our experienced team. If you are interested in our physiological CAR construction service to support your CAR development program, please contact us by email and send us your detailed request.

Schematic of Physiological Chimeric Antigen Receptors

Fig.1 Schematic of Physiological Chimeric Antigen Receptors


Huan Shi, et al. Chimeric antigen receptor for adoptive immunotherapy of cancer: latest research and future prospects. Molecular Cancer, 2014,13:219.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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