scFv Generation from Antibody Sequence

Besides hybridoma cells and phage display library, Creative Biolabs can also provide custom one-stop solution for generating scFv from antibody sequence during CAR development. Our outstanding scientists and technicians can synthesize a scFv gene based on the existed sequences provided by our customers.

scFv Generation from Antibody Sequence

Zuhaida Asra Ahmad, Swee Keong Yeap, Abdul Manaf Ali, Wan Yong Ho, Noorjahan Banu Mohamed Alitheen, and Muhajir Hamid. scFv Antibody: Principles and Clinical Application. Clinical and Developmental Immunology. Volume 2012 (2012)

The scFv generation from existed antibody sequence is the fastest approach for getting an engineered antibody fragment. Our experts can synthesize the gene sequences of two variable regions in vitro and fuse these two regions together with a short peptide linker gene. (10 ~ 25 amino acids) Subsequently, we will insert this long fragment into a vector and express it in E. coli or a mammalian cell line (according to your choice). We also provide further service for the purification of this recombinant antibody, making it available for the next step research.

With an excellent team and large amount of researches, Creative Biolabs has gained rich experience in antibody engineering and production. We provide several sophisticated strategies, which can greatly accelerate the project progress. If any requirement, please feel free to contact our service team.

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