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scFv Generation from Phage Display Library

In addition to scFv generation from Hybridoma cells, Creative Biolabs also provides custom one-stop CAR development solution for generating scFv from Phage display library. This scFv phage display service mainly includes library construction and screening.

scFv generation from Phage display library

Adapted from The Scripps Research Institute website.

With our excellent scientists, Creative Biolabs can establish an immunized phage display scFv library, from which a scFv against the interested antigen can be screened out. Firstly, we will design the suitable primers for cloning the antibody genes from B lymphocytes of several different species, followed by integrating the antibody genes into a phage display vector. The recombinant phagemid population will then be transformed into Escherichia coli in which they can produce phage-displayd scFv depending on the helper phage. In the last critical step, we will screen this scFv phage display library with the specific antigen from our customers or the recombinant antigen prepared ourselves. Creative Biolabs also provides molecular characterization during scFv generation such as western blot, ELISA or DNA sequencing. Creative Biolabs guarantees that our scFv phage library can achieve a capacity of over 1×1010 clones.

Depending on our various technology platforms, Creative Biolabs can offer you world-class scFv construction services, which can greatly accelerate your research progress with much lower unpredictable risk. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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