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Single Cell Analysis for CAR-T Cell

With more than 10 years’ experience, Creative Biolabs has been a world famous service provider in the field of antibody discovery and cell-based immunotherapy. Now, we present a world-leading single cell analysis service which can be well incorporated into our CAR platform to get more precise information for CAR-T cell-based therapy.

1. Background

CAR-T cell-based therapy is more and more popular in cancer treatment today. Although promising, there are some limitations existing. One limitation is cellular heterogeneity, which is a fundamental characteristic of many cancers. So does the same in CAR-based therapy. Currently, it seems that the most effective cancer therapies appear to be correlated with high degrees of cellular homogeneity within tumors. Therefore, developing advanced approach to determine and characterize modified T cellular heterogeneity is a critical next step in the next stage of CAR technology. Fully understand this demand, scientists from Creative Biolabs worked out the single cell analysis strategy based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and single-cell sequencing (SCS) technology to provide a solution for this problem. And we sincerely hope the high-resolution single-cell analysis of functional attributes of CAR-T pre-infusion products could open up new avenues for the development of more efficacious yet safe CAR-T cell therapy.

2. Introduction of Single Cell Analysis

SCS can be employed for analyzing the genetic polymorphisms of individual cells at a genome-wide level. Basically,there are three steps including obtaining single cell of interest, extraction and amplification of genetic materials, and descriptive analysis from sequencing data. During in vitro evaluation, the reorganization of tumor antigen by CAR, are followed by signals that comprise the secretion of cytolytic enzymes, stimulatory cytokines, and chemoattractive proteins. With the help of single cell analysis, we usually have a better understanding of these signals reflecting CAR-T function in patients. Moreover, It is easy to control and standardize personal difference regarding individual CAR-T cells. Therefore, it links the ability of engineered CAR-T cell product to release effector to clinical outcomes.

3. Highlight Features of Our Service

➢ A comprehensive assessment of CAR-T polyfunctionality.
➢ High-throughput - thousands of single cells can be analyzed at the same time.
➢ Multiple cytokines/chemokines can be detected in response to antigen-specific stimulation at the single-cell level.
➢ Time- and labor-saving
➢ Professional and reliable

High-throughput single-cell analysis of CAR-T cell cytolytic functionality.

Fig 1 High-throughput single-cell analysis of CAR-T cell cytolytic functionality. (Liadi I, 2015)

Our Ph.D. level scientists are good at statistical analysis from large amounts of data based on bioinformatics. Over years, Creative Biolabs has built business relationships with numerous customers all over the world. We are more than happy to share our technologies, equipment, and experience to facilitate your projects and push your CAR-T discovery progress towards clinical trials. Please feel free to contact us for more details and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Liadi I, et al. (2015). Individual Motile CD4(+) T Cells Can Participate in Efficient Multikilling through Conjugation to Multiple Tumor Cells. Cancer Immunol Res. 3(5), 473-82.

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