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Smarter™ Technology for 4th Generation CAR

As the leading biotech provider for CAR-T related therapeutic research, Creative Biolabs invested a lot of manpower and material resources to innovate and develop new immunotherapy technologies. Based on years of experiences and experiments, scientists from Creative Biolabs are now able to provide the latest CAR technology services, Smarter™ Technology for 4th Generation CAR.


Most Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) are comprised of an antigen-binding domain of a single chain variable fragment (scFv), a transmembrane region and an intracellular signal transduction domain. CAR-engineered T cell therapy is one of the most effective and comprehensive anticancer therapies, which has been developing rapidly in recent years. The artificial CARs can be used to enhance the specificity of engineered T cell. The CAR-T cells harbor stronger properties in targeting, activity and durability than immunocytes of conventional application.

The CAR technology has evolved from the first generation to third generation. First generation CAR only contains the CD3ζ intracellular signaling domain, which is later proven to limit T cell persistence and efficacy in preclinical studies. To overcome these lmitations, the second and third generation CARs incorporate the intracellular signaling domains from various costimulatory molecules. For example, the second-generation CAR may contain CD3ζ and CD28 domains, and the third-generation CAR may include CD3ζ, CD28 and other signaling domains such as OX-40 or 4-1BB. T cells expressing these later generation CARs have shown that they improved persistence, activation and efficacy of CAR-T cells in clinical studies. However, there are still some adverse effects following the CAR-T cells therapy, such as cytokine storm and on-target/off-tumor effect.

Chimeric antigen receptor design and evolution Chimeric antigen receptor design and evolution
Nature Reviews Cancer. 2016

In order to overcome these adverse effects, Creative Biolabs focuses on developing new CAR technologies. After years of research and testing, we have developed the latest CAR technology - Smarter™ Technology for 4th Generation CAR. The SmarterTM CARs express certain domains to promote or regulate the activity of CAR-T cells, or prevent toxicity, which improves the safety and efficacy of CAR-T cell therapy. The categories of SmarterTM CARs include armoured CAR, self-destruct CAR, conditional CAR, marked CAR, dual CAR and safety CAR. Compared with the other triditional CARs, the SmarterTM CARs exhibit significant safety and efficacy. Creative Biolabs provides a whole set of service including but not limit to the construction of CAR, vector packaging, CAR manufacture, T cell engineering, in vitro and in vivo test of SmarterTM CAR-T cells.

Advantages of Smarter™ CAR family

Smarter™ CARs Advantages
Armoured CAR Enhance the resistance to immunosuppression
Self-destruct CAR Rapid clearance of the inappropriate CAR-T cells
Conditional CAR Improve the safety
Marked CAR Clear CAR-T cells and alleviate adverse effects
Dual CAR Prevent toxicity, improve the anti-tumor effects
Safety CAR Regulate the activity of T cells, inhibit the secretion of cytokine and cytotoxicity

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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