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T Cell-Mediated Tumor Cell Lysis Assay

As a service pioneer in the field of antibody discovery and immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs now presents one-stop CAR-T therapy development service which has become a revolution in the area of cancer therapy. It’s vital to identify the targeted effectiveness of CAR-T products. Hence, leveraging Creative Biolabs’ extensive expertise, we offer T cell-mediated tumor cell lysis assay to validate this.


Creative Biolabs provides CAR-T one-stop service from basic research to clinical trials and beyond, and the basic principle is specific recognition of engineered T cell receptor with neoantigen expressed on tumor cell. To evaluate the targeted tumor killing effectiveness of different CAR-T products, we develop the T cell-mediated tumor cell lysis assay. Our service can assure our CAR-T cell products contain functional CAR-T cells with targeted tumor killing activity. Meanwhile, we are also capable of helping our clients evaluate their samples.

Assays for T Cell-Mediated Tumor Cell Lysis

There are two ways to measure the T cell-mediated tumor cell lysis. On one hand, the target tumor cells can be incubated with the radiolabel. The specific radiolabel is taken up and reversibly binds to cytosolic proteins. When the target cells are recognized by CAR-T lymphocytes, the target cells are killed and the radiolabel is released. On the other hand, we also offer another powerful in vitro live-cell assay to validate the CAR-T cell antitumor activity. The target tumor cells are labeled with specific fluorescent cytoplasmic reagent, the live cells can be imaged and monitored at real-time level to measure the tumor cell lysis. The reagent is safe for cells at optimized concentration, and fluorescence measurements can be accurately performed for short-term experiments, as the reagent will be diluted with cell proliferation. In addition, the ratio of target tumor cells and CAR-T cells can be optimized in the assay. Creative Biolabs offers both assays to quantify cytolytic activities of T lymphocytes against target cells and provide a platform approach to verify the antitumor activity of CAR-T products or study any interested small molecule immunomodulators as per our clients’ requests.

Diagram of T cell-mediated tumor cell lysis assay procedure.

Figure 1 Diagram of T cell-mediated tumor cell lysis assay procedure.

Highlight Features of Our Service

➢ Ph.D. level scientists and skillful technicians
➢ Extensive expertise and advanced platforms
➢ Superior quality but competitive price
➢ High-quality after-sales service

With years of extensive experience in the field of immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs owns skillful technologies, advanced platforms, and resources to facilitate the projects of our clients. We aim to work closely with our clients to optimize the assays to push the progress. Any specific assay requirement is also welcomed. Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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