The Urokinase receptor, also known as uPA receptor or uPAR or CD87 (Cluster of Differentiation 87), is multidomain glycoprotein tethered to the cell membrane with a glycosylphosphotidylinositol (GPI) anchor. uPAR plays a central role in cell surface-associated plasminogen activation, entailing proteolytic degradation of the extracellular matrix surrounding the cells. The prognostic significance of uPAR in non-small cell lung cancer is apparent for patients with the histologic subtype of squamous cell carcinoma, where high levels of uPAR is an independent marker of prognosis, as evaluated in tumour extracts. Like in non-small cell lung cancer, uPAR domain I present in high concentrations in preoperative plasma independently predicts poor survival of patients with ovarian cancer.

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