Transferrins are iron binding transport proteins which can bind two Fe3+ ions in association with the binding of an anion, usually bicarbonate. Responsible for the transport of iron from sites of absorption and heme degradation to those of storage and utilization. There are two forms of hen transferrin, ovotransferrin, found in the ovoducts and, serum transferrin, secreted by the liver. Serum transferrin may also have a role in stimulating cell proliferation and is regulated by iron levels. Ovotransferrin has a bacteriostatic function and, is not controlled by iron levels.

Associated Disease
  • Inflammation
  • Cancers
  • CAR Vector Products
  • TCR Vector Products
  • TCR Viral Particles
  • Receptor Construction:
CAT Product Name Target SpeciesAntibody CloneAntibody HostReceptor ConstructionVector TypeTargeting Cell Type Inquiry & Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-BZ TF h(41BB-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-41BB-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-CZ TF h(b2c-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-b2c-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-3-L406-2BZ TF h(CD28-41BB-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-2Z TF h(CD28-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD28-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-2G TF h(CD28-FcεRIγ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD28-FcεRIγ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-3-L406-2XZ TF h(CD28-OX40-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD28-OX40-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-1-L406-Z TF h(CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-4Z TF h(CD4-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD4-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-4G TF h(CD4-FcεRIγ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD4-FcεRIγ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-2-L406-8Z TF h(CD8-CD3ζ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD8-CD3ζ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-1-L406-G TF h(FcεRIγ) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-FcεRIγ Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet
CAR-T-1-L406-2 TF h(CD28) CAR, [T] Human Human scFv-CD28 Lentiviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet

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