TOSO, also known as Fas-inhibitory molecule 3 (FAIM3) or Fc mu receptor (FCMR) in humans is encoded by the FCMR gene. FCMR
was defined as a 60-kD transmembrane sialoglycoprotein and FCMR (TOSO) expression was up-regulated on B cells, but was down-modulated on T cells, suggesting differential regulation of TOSO expression during B and T cell activation. Human FCMR mRNA was strongly
expressed in hematopoietic tissues such as the spleen, thymus and peripheral blood leukocytes. Intracellular upregulation of Fc mu receptor (FCMR, FAIM3/TOSO) gene in the leukemic lymphocytes of the patients with CLL may be an important parameter in predicting the progression of the disease.

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    CAR-LC125 Anti-TOSO (6B10) h(CD28-CD3ζ) CAR, pCDCAR1 Human 6B10 Rat scFv-CD28-CD3ζ Retroviral T cell   Add to Cart   Datasheet

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