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TCR Vβ Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs offers customers a rapid, high quality TCR Vβ repertoire analysis service with a competitive price.

TCR Vβ repertoire analysis, which focus on analysis of TCRB genes or TCRB gene products (RNA, proteins, or both), is the most frequently used approach for TCR repertoire analysis, which plays an important role in studying the evolution process of TCR diversity during immune responses and the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and immune deficiency.

TCR Vβ repertoire analysis

Figure: Unraveling the Repertoire in Wiskott–Aldrich Syndrome. (Front Immunol. 2014)

Characterizing TCR repertoires and acquiring knowledge on TCR amino acid sequence enable tracking of antigen-specific T cell clones, facilitate monitor T cell immunity and contributes to diagnosis and targeted therapy of T cell-related disorders. TCR sequencing involves PCR amplification and sequencing of the CDR3 region. And up to now, most TCR-sequencing has focused on TCRβ chain foe several reasons. Firstly, TCR β chain locus contains a D gene component while α chain locus is lack of it, TCR α chain locus only consists of V and J gene segments. So β chain has potential for greater combinatorial and junctional diversity than α chain. Secondly, each T cell expresses only a single β chain variant due to allelic exclusion mechanisms, which means that the number of β chain sequences is an indication of the number clonotypes. Finally, the TCR β chain tends to be the most heavily interrogated.

Our company has developed two different approaches for Vβ repertoire analysis: PCR analysis of TCRB genes and flow cytometric analysis of TCR Vβ families. The former one is based on detecting the presence or absence of the rearranged TCRB genes for studying the genotypes of TCR Vβ repertoire. The latter one adopts a panel of carefully selected Vβ specific monoclonal antibodies which can cover more than 70% of the whole TCR Vβ phenotypes.
Creative Biolabs is one of the few companies which offer the TCR Vβ repertoire analysis service. Compared with others, we can provide two analysis approaches and most professional and highest quality service just in order to meet all your research requirements.


Daniel J Woodsworth, et al. Sequence analysis of T-cell repertoires in health and disease. Genome Med. 2013 Oct 30;5(10):98.

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