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Tumor Antigen Identification for Cancer Vaccine

Tumor antigen heterogeneity

With the breadth of cancer vaccine services and expertise, our clients have successfully launched the discovery phase of cancer vaccine drug development. Creative Biolabs has established advanced platforms to provide tumor antigen identification services covering all cancer types. As a global leader in the area of cancer vaccine development, we are dedicated to offering a more efficient way to identify and validate tumor antigens through proteomics and immune monitoring techniques.


Vaccination is highly effective in terms of preventing morbidity and mortality, also promising in the treatment of cancers. Now cancer vaccines are widely considered as one of the greatest achievements in medicine. Tumor antigen identification is necessary for cancer vaccine discovery. It supports the hypothesis that specific tumor antigen can induce the immune responses and lead to its destructive killing of the cancer cells. Many tumor antigens have been made into vaccines with different formulations, such as peptides plus adjuvant vaccines, DNA or RNA vaccines, bacterial or viral vectors, or dendritic cells carrying sequence-coded antigens.

Tumor antigens recognized by T lymphocytes Fig.1 Tumor antigens recognized by T lymphocytes.

Our Capabilities
Discovery of the most promising tumor antigens will be a strong basis for cancer vaccine design and a promising & innovative therapeutic approach.

With a decade of extensive experience in proteomics and immune monitoring, Creative Biolabs offers customized solutions to identify and characterize tumor antigens. We offer comprehensive services including sample preparation, mass spectrometry, and data analysis, isolation of MHC complexes from the samples, identification of MHC peptides presented naturally, and selection of the most upregulated peptides in tumors, as well as mutations and other variants for further characterization. Once the peptide candidates are confirmed, we can provide the immune response characterization services including phenotype analysis, activation state, and reactivity by activating PBMCs derived from the patients.

Tumor antigens can be classified into the following categories for your flexible choice to best fit your project.

  • Cancer-testis antigen;
  • Differentiation antigen;
  • Over-expressed antigen;
  • Neoantigen.


Creative Biolabs’ approaches to identify and characterize tumor antigens provide:

  • Direct identification of natural peptides presented by MHC isolated from tissues;
  • High efficiency through elimination of reliance on epitope modeling;
  • Provide high-quality peptide candidates for our clients’ follow-up;
  • Identification of tumor-associated variants including point mutations, deletions, insertions, etc.;
  • Increased coverage of different HLA types;
  • Comprehensive phenotype and functional characterization assays to validate tumor antigens.

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing tumor antigen identification services by utilizing unique and comprehensive sequencing technology, combined with proprietary informatics algorithms and computational workflow. In addition, we also offer transcriptomic profiling and somatic or germline genomics analysis to promote tumor antigen discovery. Any questions, please contact us to learn more.

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