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γδ CAR-T Cell Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs keeps in a leading position and has gained rich experience in the area of antibody discovery and immunotherapy. Now, we are proud to successfully operate an advanced platform to combine chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) service with γδ T cell for therapeutic. This technology enables patients to kill tumor cells and eliminate infected cells with their own T-cells more effectively.


T cells play an important role in cancer immunotherapy. There are two different kinds of T cell receptor (TCR), αβ TCR and γδ TCR. αβ TCR widely exists in vivo and can transfer into both helper T cells (Th) and cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL). While γδ TCR also participates in health defense. It can be relocated and destroy infected cells effectively without antigen presenting cell initiation or cloning and expansion in lymphoid system, which further activates systemic immune response. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell is a popular cancer immunotherapy, especially for B cell malignant tumor. However, CAR-T is disturbed by its side effects and the limitation of tumor antigens. The combination of CAR with γδ T cell improves the efficiency and accuracy of distinguishing tumor/infected cells.

Features of γδ CAR-T cell

With the expression of chimeric antigen receptor and γδ TCR, γδ T cell can accurately distinguish cancer/infected cells from the normal expressed the same antigen. As tumor and those cells infected with virus/bacteria are overexpressing isopentenyl pyrophosphates (IPPs), they can easily stimulate γδ T cell to function as an immune participator. Moreover, γδ T cell is capable to produce some chemical molecular to promote function of those immune cells. Its effect on immunotherapy has been proved in clinical, patients with γδ T cell infiltration have the best prognostic effect than any other immune cells. The structure of chimeric antigen receptor we loaded is a newly designed one that can provide an activating signal only co-stimulated with γδ TCR. This ensures that its cytotoxicity will focus on pathogenic cell expressed with antigens. γδ CAR-T cell combines advantages of both CAR and γδ TCR, which may provide revolutionary therapy for cancer.

γδ CAR-T Cell Discovery Service

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Creative Biolabs is in the leading position in immunotherapy with numerous experience and advanced technologies. We currently provide professional and skillful service to customers around the world, giving them assistance in time for each project. It’s our responsibility to promote your projects and boost the progress to clinical trials with the help of our advanced technologies, platforms, and resources. For more details, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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