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G-NK: FcRγ-deficient NK Cell Engineering Service

All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

NK cells respond to tumors through several activated receptors (e.g natural cytotoxic receptors) or indirectly respond to tumors through activated Fc-receptor common gamma chain (FcRγ) of antibody targeted cells. The activation of NK cell effector functions mediated by Fc-receptor depends on the physically related transmembrane signal transduction adaptors of Fc signaling molecule (such as FcRγ (also known as FcεRIγ)), which are highly expressed by NK cells and participate in NK cell activity. Recently, NK cells lacking FcRγ (called G-NK cells) have been identified as a novel subpopulation of human NK cells, which lack FcRγ (a transmembrane signal translator related to CD16 (Fc receptor for IgG)). These FcRγ-deficient NK cells show significant functional activity on target cells.

At Creative Biolabs, we have established a unique NK cell platform that enables producing FcRγ-deficient NK cells. These engineered NK cells can be utilized as a cell-based “off-the-shelf” treatment for CAR-NK therapy.

Advantages of G-NK over Conventional NK

In conventional NK cells, the Fc receptor (CD16) of a therapeutic antibody binds to FcRg and/or CD3z signal transduction adapters in homodimer or heterodimer. Differently, CD16 is only related to CD3z in g-NK cells. Compared with traditional NK cells, G-NK cells carry larger granzymes and perforin-containing particles, allowing them to provide a larger payload of lethal enzymes to multiple targets. The ability of cytokine production, the release of cytotoxic granules, safety, mobility, and prolonged survival, and the expansion of g-NK cells have been proven greatly enhanced.

Based on our NK cell platform, we provide this novel subset of NK cells, which are validated with adaptive immune functions, including clonal expansion and long-term persistence. These unique activated NK cells are optimized to retain a wide range of activated receptors while lacking FcRγ receptors, which can selectively target and kill diseased cells.

Schematic illustration of conventional NK and FcRg-deficient (g-NK) cells

Fig.1 Schematic illustration of conventional NK and FcRg-deficient (g-NK) cells.

Features of Our G-NK Platform


A universal cell-based therapy that does not require personalized patient matching.

Eliminate a Step

No need to collect the patient’s white blood cells. With off-the-shelf G-NK, this invasive procedure is eliminated.

Dosing Control

G-NK’s clearance and multiple dosing may reduce the risk of adverse events, thereby producing a favorable safety profile.

Cost Effective

Economical cell therapy treatment for cancer patients G-NK can be produced in large multi-dose batches.

One-Stop CAR-NK Therapy Development

Notably, as the leading cell therapeutics biotech that provides cell therapy related services, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop services for CAR-NK therapy development, including but not limited to:

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All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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