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L-NK: IL-15-overexpressed NK Cell Engineering Service

All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

NK cells are innate lymphocytes and have shown great promise in cancer immunotherapy. They are equipped with a wide range of inhibitors and activation receptors, allowing them to exhibit immunomodulatory function, release various cytokines, and thereby making them important and powerful effectors for CAR-NK therapy. To enhance the anti-tumor efficacy of NK cells, Creative Biolabs has established a proprietary NK cell platform to augment NK cell responses against solid tumors. The unique platform enables the production of cytokine-overexpressed NK cells, which can be used as cell-based "off the shelf" NK cell bank for CAR-NK therapy.

Our Unique K-NK Platform

The function of anti-tumor NK cells can be regulated not only by direct ligand-receptor interaction but also by a variety of cytokines. In particular, the cytokines IL-2, IL-12, IL-15, IL-18, and IL-21 play an important role in inducing NK cell activation with augmented cytotoxicity, while inhibitory cytokines (such as TGF-β or IL -10) can suppress them. The main functions of these highlighted cytokines are summarized as follows:

  • IL-2 and IL-15 induce NK cell “priming”, resulting in exaggerated responses.
  • IL-12, IL-18, and IL-21 induce NK cells to secrete high levels of IFN-γ, and strengthen NK cell cytotoxicity.
  • TGF-β and IL-10 Shape Tolerant NK Cells, which can mediate benign effects to maintain physiological homeostasis.
  • TGF-β and IL-15 develop regulatory NK cells.

Cytokines required in NK cell development.

Fig.1 Cytokines required in NK cell development. (Wu, 2017)

To improve the anti-tumor response of CAR-NK cells, we provide multiple gene-modified L-NK cells, including but not limited to the following cytokine induced memory-like NK cells:

  • IL-2-overexpressed CAR-NK Cells
  • IL-12-overexpressed CAR-NK Cells
  • IL-15-overexpressed CAR-NK Cells
  • IL-18-overexpressed CAR-NK Cells
  • IL-21-overexpressed CAR-NK Cells

Features of Our L-NK Platform


A universal cell-based therapy that does not require personalized patient matching.

Eliminate a Step

No need to collect the patient’s white blood cells. With off-the-shelf L-NK, this invasive procedure is eliminated.

Dosing Control

L-NK’s clearance and multiple dosing may reduce the risk of adverse events, thereby producing a favorable safety profile.

Cost Effective

Economical cell therapy treatment for cancer patients L-NK can be produced in large multi-dose batches.


One-Stop CAR-NK Therapy Development

Notably, as the leading cell therapeutics biotech that provides cell therapy related services, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop services for CAR-NK therapy development, including but not limited to:

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  1. Wu, Y., et al. (2017). Developmental and functional control of natural killer cells by cytokines. Frontiers in immunology, 8, 930.

All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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