Lenti-HLA-A2 CAR (scFv-BBζ, BB7.2)-VP (VP-CAR-LC810)

The ready-to-use lentiviral particles of Lenti-HLA-A2 CAR (scFv-BBζ, BB7.2)-VP is packaged using 3rd generation of lentiviral packaging system, in which the gene of CAR will be driven by a CMV promotor. The target gene of scFv (BB7.2)-41BB-CD3ζ packaged in lentiviral particles could be used for high efficency tranduction of T cells and stably integrated expression.


  • Type of Therapeutics
  • Chimeric Antigen Receptor
  • Target
  • HLA-A2
  • Expression Cassette
  • scFv (BB7.2)-41BB-CD3ζ
  • Clone
  • BB7.2
  • Promotor
  • EF1a
  • Packaging System
  • Lentivirus
  • Packaging Cell
  • 293T
  • Targeting Diseases
  • Allograft rejection and Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD)


  • Introduction
  • HLA-A belongs to the HLA class I heavy chain paralogues. This class I molecule is a heterodimer consisting of a heavy chain and a light chain (beta-2 microglobulin). The heavy chain is anchored in the membrane. Class I molecules play a central role in the immune system by presenting peptides derived from the endoplasmic reticulum lumen. They are expressed in nearly all cells. The heavy chain is approximately 45 kDa and its gene contains 8 exons. Exon 1 encodes the leader peptide, exons 2 and 3 encode the alpha1 and alpha2 domains, which both bind the peptide, exon 4 encodes the alpha3 domain, exon 5 encodes the transmembrane region, and exons 6 and 7 encode the cytoplasmic tail. Polymorphisms within exon 2 and exon 3 are responsible for the peptide binding specificity of each class one molecule. Typing for these polymorphisms is routinely done for bone marrow and kidney transplantation. Hundreds of HLA-A alleles have been described.
  • Alternative Names
  • Major Histocompatibility Complex, Class I, A; HLA Class I Histocompatibility Antigen, A-1 Alpha Chain; HLAA; HLA Class I Histocompatibility Antigen, A-10 Alpha Chain; HLA Class I Histocompatibility Antigen, A-28 Alpha Chain; HLA Class I Histocompatibility Antigen, A-9 Alpha Chain; MHC Class I Antigen HLA-A Heavy Chain; Leukocyte Antigen Class I-A; MHC Class I Antigen A*11; MHC Class I Antigen A*23; MHC Class I Antigen A*24; MHC Class I Antigen A*25; MHC Class I Antigen A*26; MHC Class I Antigen A*29; MHC Class I Antigen A*30; MHC Class I Antigen A*31; MHC Class I Antigen A*32; MHC Class I Antigen A*33; MHC Class I Antigen A*34; MHC Class I Antigen A*36; MHC Class I Antigen A*43

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