This octapeptide is amino acids 52 to 59 fragment of the the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) nucleoprotein. VSV-8 is derived from the VSV nucleoprotein that is expressed in the cytosol of the infected cells. CTL response against VSV in H-2Kb mice is directed against this single VSV-8 immunodominant peptide. This peptide forms complex with murine MHC class I molecule H-2Kb, which is similar to human HLA class I.

Associated Disease
  • VSV Infection
  • TCR Vector Products
  • TCR Viral Particles
CAT Product Name Target Species Antibody Clone Antibody Host Epitope HLA Vector Type  
TCR-L121 Human anti-VSV8 (RGYVYQGL) T Cell Receptor, pMSGV1 VSIV Human RGYVYQGL retroviral vector   Inquiry
TCR-C257Z Mouse anti-VSV8 T cell receptor (BM3.3), pCDTCR1 VSIV BM3.3 Mouse RGYVYQGL H-2Kb Lentiviral   Inquiry
TCR-C258Z Mouse anti-VSV8 T cell receptor (N15), pCDTCR1 VSIV N15 Mouse RGYVYQGL H-2Kb Lentiviral   Inquiry
TCR-L120Z Human anti-vesicular stomatitis virus octapeptide (VSV8) (aa 52-59) T cell receptor, pCDTCR1 VSIV Human RGYVYQGL Lentiviral   Inquiry

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