Anti-CD22 AbTCR, pCDTCR1 (AbT-ZP019)

The AbTCR fuses an antigen-binding domain from anti-CD22 (Inotuzumab) antibody with the C- terminal signaling domain of a γδTCR. More specifically, the antigen-binding domain of our AbTCR is an antibody Fab fragment, and the cellular-activation domain of consists of portions of the δ and γ chains of a γδTCR. And the vector product is designed to facilitate T-cell cytotoxicity with low cytokine release and is used in Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

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  • Target
  • CD22
  • Targeting Cell Type
  • T cell
  • Targeting Diseases
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • Vector Name
  • pCDTCR1
  • Vector length
  • ~8kb
  • Vector Type
  • Lentiviral vector
  • Receptor Construction
  • Fab-γδ TCR
  • Discription of Signaling Cassetes
  • Fab-γδ TCR
    In the majority of T cells, the TCR consists of an α chain and a β chain, whereas in 1–5% of T cells the TCR consists of a gamma (γ) and a delta (δ) chain. However, there were technical hurdles with the mispairing with the T-cell's endogenous α and β TCR chains and having to express two synthetic molecules in the same cell. Instead of previous designs that were built on αβ chains of the TCR, our AbTCR platform avoids mispairing with the T cell's endogenous αβTCR by using the transmembrane and intracellular domains from the γδTCR. Similar to the exogenously-expressed TCR in TCR-T cells, our AbTCR engages the endogenous CD3 complex to initiate T-cell activation. However, since the γδTCR chains do not bind with the TCRs in αβ T-cells, AbTCR avoids the mispairing challenge of traditional αβTCR-based synthetic receptors.
    In addition, by employing a Fab as the antigen-binding domain, the AbTCR can be used to target either peptide-MHC complexes or cell surface antigens by using TCR-mimic or conventional antibodies respectively.
    Overall, the AbTCR design couples the antigen-binding utility of an antibody to the endogenous TCR activation pathways.


  • Clone
  • Inotuzumab
  • Host
  • Mouse
  • Target Species
  • Human
  • Gene Name
  • membrane spanning 4-domains A1
  • Synonyms
  • B1; S7; Bp35; CD20; CVID5; MS4A2; LEU-16

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