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Biomarker Discovery and Verification for Cancer Vaccine

With an international network of extensive experiences and cancer immunotherapy services across a wide range of areas, Creative Biolabs has established advanced platforms including discovery, engineering, various assays, and evaluation, etc. to facilitate your product discovery and development. As a global leader in the area of cancer vaccine development, we are dedicated to offering a full spectrum of vaccine discovery services including cancer vaccine design, antigen identification, adjuvant discovery, and biomarker discovery.

Biomarker Discovery and Verification for Cancer Vaccine

“Comprehensive Solutions for Cancer Biomarker Discovery and Verification Across Key Immuno-Oncology Research Areas”

Biomarker Discovery

In cancer research and treatment, immuno-oncology research has made a significant breakthrough in drug discovery and development. We aim at identifying novel therapeutic targets, as well as discovering new biomarkers for cancer treatment, which are vital to determine safety and efficacy information in drug discovery and development. In addition, biomarkers can be defined as diagnostic, prognostic, or predictive for selecting patients or monitoring responses after therapy treatment. In addition, biomarkers can be used to identify patients benefiting from specific treatments and to monitor treatment outcome.

Solutions for Biomarker Discovery

With a wide range of cancer vaccine services and superior expertise to help facilitate your cancer vaccine discovery and development studies, Creative Biolabs has established advanced platforms to provide biomarker discovery and verification services covering all cancer types. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering a wide array of efficient methods to identify and validate biomarkers through proteomics and genomics technology. We are committed to developing the most effective way to promote your vaccine project.

  • Gene Expression
  • We offer genomic biomarker discovery and validation services via our large library of cancer-specific or pathway-specific predesigned PCR primers, probes and assays or custom-designed primers and probes to best meet your requirements. A wide range of validated PCR, qPCR, and digital PCR instruments will be incorporated into your project.
  • Protein Expression, Quantitation, and Analysis
  • We provide various expression analysis of biomarkers in complicated background with multiplex immunoassays, electrophoresis, and western blotting.
  • Cell Analysis
  • We offer comprehensive equipment and reagents to design and perform cell-based biomarker evaluation and measurement. Our easy-to-use suite of cell analysis products will ensure the biomarker discovery and validation.
  • Antibodies
  • To facilitate the biomarker discovery and validation, our comprehensive range of antibodies will smooth your biomarker discovery assays. Also, customized antibody services will be provided to create specific antibodies to fit your project.

Reliable, Trusted, Convincing Partner to Perform Biomarker Discovery and Verification


  • We offer comprehensive tools for studying, analyzing the complicated relationships between the immune system, tumor and tumor microenvironment. The capability to select the right biomarkers enables scientists to accelerate the research and thus facilitate new therapy development.
  • Our experts strongly support the implementation of novel approaches to identify and verify the biomarkers.

Creative Biolabs is experienced in the identification and validation of new biomarkers to accelerate your drug discovery and development within the agreed timeline. If you are interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us to have further communication and discussion to learn how Creative Biolabs can be involved in your projects.

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