CellRapeutics™ Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase (CART-014CL)

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  • Product Name
  • CellRapeutics™ Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Cat. No.
  • CART-014CL
  • General Description
  • Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase is ideal for amplification of DNA fragments when high yields and robust amplification are required. High fidelity is provided by a mixture of Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase and the proofreading (3´→5´ exonuclease activity) enzyme Pyrococcus species GB-D polymerase. PCR specificity is improved with the incorporation of Platinum automatic "hot-start" technology. High Fidelity
    • Fidelity—greater than six times higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase
    • Amplicon size—amplification of fragments up to 15 kb (see figure)
    • Convenience—room temperature reaction assembly
    • Applications—amplification of DNA from complex genomic, viral, and plasmid templates; and RT-PCR One unit of Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase is the amount of enzyme required to incorporate 10 nmoles of deoxyribonucleotide into DNA in 30 min at 74°C.
  • Polymerase
  • Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity
  • Hot Start
  • Built-In Hot Start
  • GC-Rich PCR Performance
  • Low
  • Product Overhang
  • Mixed
  • Reaction Speed
  • Standard
  • Exonuclease Activity
  • 5' - 3', 3' - 5'
  • Optimal Reaction Temperature
  • Separate Components
  • Final Product Size(s)
  • 20 kb or less
  • Product Size
  • 100 reactions
  • Shipping Condition
  • Dry Ice
  • Storage Conditions
  • Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase (20 µL, at 5U/µL) is supplied with a vial of 10X High Fidelity Buffer [600 mM Tris-SO4 (pH 8.9), 180 mM (NH4)2SO4] (1.25 mL), and a vial of 50 mM MgSO4 (1 mL).
    Store at -30°C to -10°C.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use. No products from Creative Biolabs may be resold, modified for resale or used to manufacture commercial products without prior written approval from Creative Biolabs.

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