Anti-MBP T cell receptor ((Hy.1B11)-7), pCDTCR1 (TCR-YC0667)

The Hy.1B11 TCR recognizes the MBP (85-99) peptide bound in the same register to DQ1. This TCR has a higher affinity for its pMHC target than the previously crystallized self-reactive TCRs Ob.1A12 and 3A6. However, the Hy.1B11 TCR is HLA-DQ restricted, whereas the other two TCRs are HLA-DR restricted. HLA-DQ molecules are expressed at ∼10-fold lower levels than HLA-DR molecules, and the higher affinity of Hy.1B11 TCR may therefore be required for this TCR to adequately respond to the self-peptide on peripheral antigen-presenting cells. HLA-DQ molecules are expressed at very low levels in the medulla of the thymus, which may have facilitated escape of negative selection by the Hy.1B11 T cell. It is also possible that the tilted binding mode of Hy.1B11 TCR binding affects formation of higher order structures among TCRs and/or other proteins involved in T cell activation at the immunological synapse.

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  • Target
  • MBP
  • Epitope
  • Format
  • Non-Modified TCR
  • Allele
  • HLA class II
  • Vector Name
  • pCDTCR1
  • Vector Length
  • ~ 8 kb
  • Vector Type
  • Lentiviral vector
  • TCR Clone
  • Hy.1B11
  • Host Species
  • Human


  • Introduction
  • Myelin basic protein (MBP) is a protein believed to be important in the process of myelination of nerves in the nervous system. The myelin sheath is a multi-layered membrane, unique to the nervous system, that functions as an insulator to greatly increase the velocity of axonal impulse conduction.

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