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CAR Targeting Blastoma-specific Antigens

Creative Biolabs has many years of experience in CARs construction for targeting Blastoma-specific antigens. We can provide highly customized and best-in-class CARs products according to our customers’ special and strict requirements.

CAR Targeting Blastoma-specific Antigens From bionews texas news, © BioNews Services 2015.

Blastoma is a kind of cancer arising in embryonic tissue, which is more commonly diagnosed in children than in adults. According to the location of cancer cells, blastoma can be further classified in to several subtypes such as Medulloblastoma, Hepatoblastoma, Nephroblastoma, Pleuropulmonary blastoma, Retinoblastoma, Neuroblastoma and Osteoblastoma. The symptoms of blastoma are variable. Radiation therapy, surgery and sometimes adjuvant chemotherapy are employed to treat this kind of diseases. However, these traditional treatments may also cause late complications and long term side effects. Adoptive cell therapy targeting specific blastoma antigens has become a very promising therapy which can overcome the disadvantages of traditional approaches. Up to now, CAR modified T-cell or NK-cell against blastoma has been applied in the clinical trials.

Depending on the most advanced techniques and experienced research team, Creative Biolabs has established an efficient and solid platform for offering customers the best service. As a famous technology services provider, Creative Biolabs has helped our customers design a series of innovative strategies according to their special requirements, which has made us garner a solid reputation globally.

Products against Blastoma-specific antigens

Please note: If you do not find your wanted antigen, please feel free to contact with us. Our highly skilled staff is very glad to help you.

Associated malignancy Target antigen Receptor type Product
Glioblastoma IL13RA2 scFv-CD28-OX40-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M401-2XZ
EGFRvIII scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-LC056
IL13Rα2 scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-LC236
CSPG4 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-MZ116
IL13Rα2 IL13 mutein E13K-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-MZ238
Hepatoblastoma GPC3 scFv-CD28-OX40-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-L342-2XZ
HBV scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M319-2BZ
ErbB2 VHH-CD28-OX40-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M550-2XZ
Glypican-3 (GPC3) scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-LC180
Neuroblastoma GD2 scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-NK-3-M330-2BZ
CD171 scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M307-2BZ

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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