Jurkat Cell Products

Jurkat Cell Products

The Jurkat cell line is an immortal T-lymphocyte cell line originally obtained from peripheral blood of a boy with T-cell leukemia. The Jurkat cell line has been used to study multiple events in T cell biology. Creative Biolabs focuses on the development of novel CAR/TCR-based cell therapies and committed providing human Jurkat cell products. 

Quality Control

Control the quality of cells our top priority. Whether you are an academic researcher, an immunologist or a drug researcher, your research depends on the purity, viability and function of our cells. We take it seriously.


  • ·  Cell counting, viability and functional testing have been performed
  • ·  Purification and characterization by flow cytometry
  • ·  Multiple HLA type for TCR-jurkat cell
  • ·  Customized CAR design


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