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CAR Targeting Leukemia-specific Antigens

As a leading service provider, Creative Biolabs provides customer with first-class CellRapeutics™ Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) targets various leukemia-specific antigens. Our excellent scientists with many years of experience have successfully established a unique and unparalleled CAR construction and production platform.

CAR targeting Leukemia-specific antigens

Shannon L. Maude, David T. Teachey, David L. Porter, and Stephan A. Grupp. CD19-targeted chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 2015; Blood: 125 (26). 

 Leukemia is a type of blood cancer, which starts in the bone marrow and subsequently leads to large amount of abnormal white blood cells (WBCs). These WBCs which lose normal function and grow quickly and finally crowd out the normal ones. It can be further divided into four main subtypes: acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), acute myeloid leukemia (AML), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). According to the onset of leukemia, ALL and AML develop quickly; while CLL and CML perform slowly. The cause of leukemia is still unknown. However, several factors have been characterized to play key roles in the arising of leukemia, such as gene mutation which may be caused by chemical exposure or radiation exposure, viral infection and heredity such as a family history of Leukemia or Down syndrome. Leukemia is usually treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and stem cell transplantation if possible. However, chemotherapy and radiation therapy always have serious side effects and potential complications. Emerging studies have shown adoptive immunotherapy such as CAR modified T cells or NK cells therapy that is the most promising approach for cancer treatment, which can get over the adverse effects of traditional therapies. 

Creative Biolabs now provides you with custom construction and production services of many types of CARs against Leukemia antigens including CD19, k-light chain, CD33, CD123, WT1, Pr3, HNE, survivin and OFA-iLRP, all of which are listed in the following table. Different types of CARs and various styles of generation are also shown in this table. Besides these, we also have highly tailored service to meet the most specific needs from customers. If you need any help about CARs, please feel free to contact us.

Products against Leukemia-specific antigens

Associated malignancy Target antigen Receptor type Product
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) CD22 scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M308-2BZ
CD47 scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-L344-2BZ
PD-1 scFv-CD28 CAR-T-1-L345-2
scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-T-2-L345-2Z
MICA scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-L345-2BZ
CD5 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC173
scFv-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-LC189
CD123 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC028
CD33 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-MZ158
CD44v6 scFv-LNGFR-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC346
Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) CLEC12A scFv-CTLA4-CD3ζ CAR-MZ002
FRβ (Folate receptor-beta) scFv-CD3ζ CAR-LC167
scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC168
LeY scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M320-2BZ
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) 237 epitope scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-MZ103
B7-H6 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ-T2A-CD19t CAR-LC349
CD19 scFv-CD3ζ CAR-LC184
scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC185
scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-LC231
CD20 scFv-CD3ζ CAR-MZ056
scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-MZ057
CD23 scFv-CD3ζ CAR-MZ206
CD276 scFv-CD3ζ CAR-T-1-L334-Z
CD70 scFv-CD28-FcεRIγ CAR-T-2-L405-2G
ROR1 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC215
TOSO scFv-CD28-CD3ζ CAR-LC125
ITGB3 scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-L339-2BZ
IGK scFv-CD28-41BB-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-M403-2BZ
Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) FKBP5 scFv-CD28-OX40-CD3ζ CAR-T-3-L409-2XZ

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