By integrating the most advanced platforms and more than 10 years of rich experience, Creative Biolabs is confident in tailoring our customers the most efficient and reliable service to accelerate their cutting-edge drug discovery projects. We now provide a wide variety of well-established NHP models for pharmacology and pharmacodynamic studies. Particularly, we now offer best-in-field NHP cerebral infarction disease models to our worldwide customers.

The definition of neuroscience

Neuroscience is a branch of the life sciences that mainly study physiology, anatomy, biochemistry or molecular biology of nerves and nervous tissue and especially focus on their relation to learning and behavior. Researches on neuroscience now provide more information about the various neurological disorder and help to develop effective treatment scheme and drugs. Non-human primates (NHPs) are widely used in the study of human neurological diseases because they have a vertebrate brain with similar neural circuitry to humans.

Cerebral Infarction Model

What is cerebral infarction?

A cerebral infarction is a necrotic area in the brain caused by a narrowing or blockage of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the brain. The restricted oxygen due to the restricted blood supply can result in an infarction if the blood flow is not restored within a relatively short period. Within minutes, a series of ischemic cascade begins, and can continue for several hours, and may even last for days. The brain is still vulnerable even when the blood supply is restored, due to the possibility of reperfusion injury.

Cerebral infarction model provided by Creative Biolabs

Our team has extensive experience in building cerebral infarction models based on advanced microneurosurgery technique. Micro catheter embolization or blood vessel clamping method operate through-pterion, orbital or supraorbital are available for building the models. We also provide a full set of tests as strict quality control as well as efficacy evaluation after therapeutic intervention:

  • A standard neurological deficit score (e.g. motor system, conscious state, sensory system defects, and skeletal muscle coordination)
  • A series of physiological parameter (e.g. pCO2, pO2, sO2, GLU, pH, BP, and BBT)
  • Conventional MRI and MRI diffusion weighted imaging for judging the state and calculating the relative infarct volume percentage

Cerebral Infarction Model

Creative Biolabs has made a long-term commitment to providing specialized NHP modeling service for our global clients. Our well-established NHP models cover a wide range of diseases including renal disease, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, liver disease, urogenital disease, immune disease, etc. Please contact us for further discussions.

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